Your Support Helped UHF Accomplish All This—and More—in 2019


    1. Brought national attention to the opioid epidemic and its profound impact on children and families of people with opioid use disorder. UHF’s two seminal Ripple Effect reports detailed the unique challenges faced by children living in these households and provided a state-by-state analysis of both the number of children affected and the economic impact.

    2. Expanded our intensive, 15-month Clinical Quality Fellowship Program to train physicians, nurses, and, for the first time, physician assistants to be quality improvement leaders. Now in its 12th year, the program has trained over 250 clinicians from 50+ hospitals. 

    3. Provided crucial independent analysis and research to help New York State defend against federal attacks on the Affordable Care Act. New York now has the lowest uninsured rate in the state’s history, and our ongoing work seeks to help reach the remaining 1+ million uninsured.

    4. Tackled the challenges faced by patients and families when arranging continued care after a hospital stay through our multiyear Difficult Decisions project. We identified best practices, training needs, innovative tools, and policy levers to improve post-acute care decision-making. 

    5. Improved primary care for New York children by developing and strengthening partnerships between pediatric practices and community-based social service providers to address social needs through our Partnerships for Early Childhood Development initiative. These collaborations have so far reached nearly 13,000 families and improved prospects for children’s long-term health and educational attainment.

    6. Reduced inappropriate antibiotic use for acute respiratory infections in adults through our Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative, which involved more than 30 hospital-owned clinics from 7 hospitals and health systems. 

    7. Identified promising delivery system innovations from over 500 projects designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce avoidable hospitalizations for the 6 million enrollees in Medicaid. Our Medicaid Institute continues to partner with New York State to improve the $70+ billion health insurance program for vulnerable populations. 

    Thank you for supporting UHF!


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