United Hospital Fund is committed to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). They are central to our mission to build an effective and equitable health care system for every New Yorker. At UHF, we believe in an environment where staff feel valued and respected. And we are devoted to promoting brave safe spaces that center on empathy, growth, collaboration, and communication. Different backgrounds and points of view make for a more successful organization, and we aspire to reflect and include the diversity of the communities we serve.

Since 2019, we have stepped up our DEI efforts by committing to a DEI initiative, working with both external consultants and dedicated internal staff to examine and adjust our practices in three principal areas:

•    Responsibility, accountability, and transparency
•    Inclusion and collaboration
•    Employees feeling valued and respected

We thank TIAA and Co-Creating Inclusion for their partnership in helping make our DEI program successful.

DEI Workgroups

We are aided in this work by a DEI project team, by the active participation of senior management, and by five DEI workgroups focused on several aspects of UHF’s culture, practices, and partnerships:

Board DEI
Goals: Improving the quality of engagement between board and staff; raising awareness of and commitment to DEI with the full board. Team: Adam Fifield (facilitator), Amanda Williams, Anthony Shih, Gabriela Groenke, Quincy McLain, Rosalie Chandler. Board members: Dale C. Christensen, Jr., Jo Ivey Boufford, John Simons, Oxiris Barbot, Robert C. Osborne Sr. (honorary director), Seun Salami, Susana Morales.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategies
Goals: Examining power dynamics, improving opportunities for professional development, and flattening hierarchies within the organization. Team: Catherine Arnst, Emily Arsen, Gabriela Groenke (facilitator), Peter Newell, Sally Rogers.

Equitable and Consistent Standards
Goals: Helping ensure equitable and consistent standards across the organization for staff, so that everyone gets what they need. Team: Alexandra Brandes, Alice Ehrlich, Amanda Williams, Emily Regas (facilitator), Hollis Holmes, Kevin Mallon, Sharen Whitley Privetté, Sherrard Zamore.

External Engagement
Goals: Reimagining how we partner with collaborators, audiences, and community partners to ensure representation and mission alignment; building an equity-informed framework for UHF’s public activity. Team: Denise Arzola, Frank Dunn, Giovanna Braganza, Joan Guzik, Lee Partridge, Miles P. Finley (co-facilitator), Quincy McLain, Susan Olivera (co-facilitator), Wil Yates.

Restorative Justice
Goals: Building a restorative justice process at UHF; creating tools and resources to help the UHF community to work through and resolve harm and prevent future harm. Team: Anne-Marie Audet, Chad Shearer, Hillary Browne, Jatna Rojas (facilitator), Joey Rodriguez, Mary Johnson.

Workgroup members are active voluntary participants from UHF staff. The workgroups advise and work with the DEI project team, brainstorm recommendations to challenges raised in employee feedback surveys and DEI reports, and help move the DEI initiative forward with specific actions and general advice. They also promote inclusion and further break down silos.

Five Guiding Principles of our DEI Workgroups

DEI Project Team
Amanda A. Williams

In her role as Special Assistant to the President, Amanda is involved in the administrative functions of the Office of the President, including internal/external communications; calendars, meetings, department budgets, relationship building; and additional special projects.  

As Corporate Secretary, Amanda is a confidential bridge/liaison for information and communication between UHF’s 22 Board members, management, and staff; ensures compliance with governance procedures and regulations; coordinates and prepares for board/committee meetings in conjunction with the Board Chair and Tony through materials prep and timely distribution; maintains key corporate records, ensuring bylaw, conflict of interest, and general procedure compliance.  

Before joining UHF in 2005, Amanda served as Office Manager, Marketing, Communications and Public Relations at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center. She has also worked as a graphic designer.

She is a former Board member of the Future Leaders Institute Charter School Board of Trustees.

Jatna runs the daily functions of UHF's Human Resources department, including hiring and interviewing staff, administering benefits and leave, employee relations, performance, and implementing company policies and practices. She also helps create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture through facilitating discussions and evaluating the organization, its policies and process.

Before joining UHF in 2017 Jatna was a human resources assistant at the New York Botanical Garden. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Baruch College.