In these challenging times for health care and New York, UHF’s work to build an effective and equitable health care system for all New Yorkers is more important than ever.


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A gift to UHF’s annual Campaign for a Healthier New York will provide necessary funding to advance our work. Together, we can advance three critical goals in New York:

•    Improved quality of care, patient safety, and patient experience
•    Address underlying drivers of inequalities
•    Comprehensive, affordable health insurance and access to care

Gifts large and small provide essential funding for our work. Please be as generous as possible.


Since 1879, UHF has been an important and effective force for improving health and health care in New York by tackling persistent problems, stimulating innovation, and prioritizing those most in need.

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The Effects of COVID-19  


COVID-19 has challenged our modern health care system as never before. Extraordinary talent and commitment have saved untold lives, but the pandemic has also spotlighted unacceptable inequities and weaknesses in the way we deliver and finance health care. UHF’s work is helping solve the complex problems of today’s health care system--problems that have been so starkly revealed and compounded by COVID-19.