United Hospital Fund established the Health Care Leadership Award in 1998 to recognize extraordinary personal leadership and longstanding contributions to improving the health of New Yorkers and New York’s health care system. Awarded annually at UHF's Gala.

Recent Honorees
Robert S. Galvin, MD
2022 Health Care Leadership Award Honoree
New York's Health Care Workforce
2021 Health Care Leadership Award Honoree
Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.
2020 Health Care Leadership Award Honoree
Steven R. Swartz
2019 Health Care Leadership Award Honoree
Stanley Brezenoff
2018 Health Care Leadership Award Honoree
James H. Simons, PhD
2017 Health Care Leadership Award Honoree
Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD
2016 Health Care Leadership Award Honoree

Previous Honorees

Howard P. Milstein (2015)
for his outstanding leadership, vision, and deep commitment, all of which are leading to new discoveries, treatments, and programs to improve health and health care in New York and around the world. 

Michael A. Stocker, MD (2014)
for his active role in the transformation of the health insurance industry and for his leadership of the nation's largest public health system. 

Peter W. May (2013)
for his exceptional leadership of The Mount Sinai Medical Center and for his commitment to building an innovative, integrated 21st-century health care system. 

Karen Davis (2012)
for her pioneering leadership in government service and private philanthropy, and her work to ensure access, for all, to the highest-quality health care. 

Frank A. Bennack, Jr. (2011)
for his extraordinary personal leadership to improve health and health care in New York City for more than three decades.

Kenneth E. Raske (2010)
for his achievements as president of GNYHA for 25 years and the vision and leadership he has brought to the health care community both locally and nationally
James S. and Merryl H. Tisch (2009)
for their commitment to health care, clinical science, and access for all New Yorkers to the highest-quality services
Anthony L. Watson (2008)
for his powerful voice for New York’s health care, and longtime role in health planning, insurance, and policy discussions
Andrea Jung (2007)
for giving underserved women access to critical health tools, and providing extraordinary support to the fight to eradicate breast cancer
Martin D. Payson (2006)
for his deep caring, wise leadership,and clear vision for strengthening health care institutions and the communities they serve
John K. Castle (2005)
for his efforts, over the past thirty years, to help ensure the best possible health care for New Yorkers
Mathilde Krim, PhD (2004)
for her pivotal role in mobilizing support for research and landmark policies on AIDS in New York and nationwide
John J. Mack (2003)
for his deep commitment and distinguished service to New York’s health care
Morton P. Hyman (2002)
for his extraordinary and longstanding contributions to improving health care in New York
William C. Steere, Jr. (2001)
for his extraordinary contributions to health care and to New York City
Sanford I. Weill (2000)
for his commitment to the advancement of biomedical research and medical education in New York City
Jack and Lewis Rudin (1999)
for their far-reaching contributions to improving health and health care in New York City
Maurice R. Greenberg (1998)
for his outstanding contributions to New York’s health care system over twenty years