Medicaid Conference Sponsorship

Help make this conference free and available to all New York Medicaid stakeholders
Date & Time
Jul 21, 2022
9:30AM - 3:30PM
In Person: NYAM, 1216 5th Ave., NYC
Virtually: Via Zoom link

Attending the conference, in person or virtually, is free. To sign up for the conference, go to our Eventbrite link

During the COVID-19 pandemic, UHF held the Medicaid Conference as a free virtual event. UHF is hoping to keep this event free in order to reach the broadest possible range of Medicaid stakeholders, even as we return to (partially) in-person convening. If you are interested in helping make this event free and available to all, please consider sponsoring the event or donating in support of it. Details on sponsorship levels appear here; you may purchase a sponsorship or make a donation by using the form below.

Again, the following registration form is for sponsoring the event; signup for attending this year's event is free and managed through Eventbrite.

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