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UHF’s 2018 Gala and Outstanding Honorees


A veteran public servant and former hospital CEO who has taken on some of New York’s toughest challenges. A major cosmetics company CEO who is advancing the frontiers of children’s mental health care. A resourceful foundation that provided vital assistance to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Two remarkable individuals and an exceptional organization were honored at United Hospital Fund’s 2018 Gala, which drew more than 500 attendees and raised almost $1.3 million to support UHF’s work. The October 1 event honored Stanley Brezenoff with the Health Care Leadership Award, Debra G. Perelman with the Distinguished Community Service Award, and Afya Foundation and its founder Danielle Butin with a Special Tribute.

NY Individual Market Held Ground


A new UHF report finds that New York State’s individual health insurance market largely held its ground in 2017, but it is still sicker and more costly than that of most other states.

Stable Housing, Stable Health


A new UHF HealthWatch identifies New York City neighborhoods with high levels of housing insecurity, health care utilization, and Medicaid enrollment, and illustrates potential opportunities for Medicaid providers to address housing issues to support delivery of higher-quality care and improve health outcomes.

Outpatient Antibiotic Study Published


A UHF study published in the journal Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology illustrates the need for robust outpatient antibiotic stewardship programs.

Screening Young Children for Social Needs


UHF has been helping health care providers partner with community-based organizations to screen for needed social or developmental services. One year in, the Partnerships for Early Childhood Development initiative offers valuable insights.

Potentially Inappropriate Antibiotic Use Assessed


A new analysis of potentially inappropriate antibiotic prescribing patterns for Medicaid beneficiaries has found wide variations based on patient age, gender, race/ethnicity, county of residence, and individual insurance plans.

Helping Small Practices Grow into Medical Homes


A report from the New York City Population Health Improvement Program, in which UHF is a partner, examines a shared-services model that could help small practices serve as medical homes and succeed in value-based payment arrangements.

Proposed Federal Rule Threatens New York’s ACA Gains


A proposed federal rule on association health plans could alter Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions and roll back gains New York State has made. Under the new rule, New Yorkers would see higher costs for individuals and small groups seeking comprehensive coverage.

Small Practices Report Progress on Integrating Behavioral Health Services


An innovative incremental approach to integrating behavioral health care into primary care is bringing that challenging goal within reach—and improving the quality of patient care—for small practices participating in a pioneering pilot.

UHF Honors 26 Health Care Trustees


Trustees from metropolitan-area hospitals and health care organizations were honored for their extraordinary commitment and leadership at this year's Tribute.

Shearer Provides City Council Testimony on Public Hospital Challenges, Progress


In invited testimony before the New York City Council Committee on Hospitals, UHF Vice President Chad Shearer laid out the importance of the Health + Hospitals safety net and the need to ensure it sustains its vital role.

A Look Back—and Ahead: UHF’s New Annual Report


Our latest annual report highlights some of the challenges we’ve addressed over the past year and the strategies we’re using to help build a more effective health care system for every New Yorker, especially the most vulnerable.


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