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  • Anthony Shih, MD, MPH

    Anthony Shih, MD, MPH

    Anthony Shih, MD, MPH, served as president of United Hospital Fund from August 2017 to August 1, 2022. He is nationally recognized for his expertise in health policy, health system performance improvement, quality improvement, and population ...

  • Misha Sharp, MPH

    Misha Sharp, MPH

  • Anne-Marie J. Audet, MD, MSc, SM

    Anne-Marie J. Audet, MD, MSc, SM

    Anne-Marie is a licensed primary care physician with over 30 years of experience in quality improvement. She joined UHF in 2015 to spearhead the activities of the newly-created Quality Institute and now serves as ...

  • Ekaterina Smali

    Ekaterina Smali

  • Rohit Bhalla

    Rohit Bhalla

  • Nathan Myers, MPP

    Nathan Myers, MPP

  • Medicaid Institute

    Medicaid Institute

  • Roopa Mahadevan

    Roopa Mahadevan

  • Lee Kennedy-Shaffer

    Lee Kennedy-Shaffer

  • Suzanne C. Brundage

    Suzanne C. Brundage

    Suzanne C. Brundage is a public health and health care strategist committed to creating the conditions in which children and families thrive. She is the director of UHF’s Children’s Health Initiative, which was established to ...

  • Rob Houston

    Rob Houston

  • Tricia McGinnis

    Tricia McGinnis

  • Thomas H. Murray

    Thomas H. Murray

  • Mala Mohan

    Mala Mohan

  • Amanda A. Williams

    Amanda A. Williams

    In her role as Special Assistant to the President, Amanda is involved in the administrative functions of the Office of the President, including internal/external communications; calendars, meetings, department budgets, relationship building; and additional special projects.  

    As ...

  • Adam Fifield

    Adam Fifield

    Adam leads the communications department, overseeing publications and collateral, the website, and public relations.

    Before joining UHF in 2018, Adam was an editorial officer at the Pew Trusts, the director of communications at the Alliance for Downtown New ...

  • Rosalie Chandler

    Rosalie Chandler

    Rosalie provides administrative assistance to the development department. She is a key support person for all special events, manages the employee giving campaign, and conducts donor and prospect research.

    Before joining UHF in 2011 Rosalie was a development ...

  • Debra Romeo Lally

    Debra Romeo Lally

  • Wil Yates

    Wil Yates

    Wil maintains and manages UHF’s library resources, including books and periodicals; develops the collection; orients and supports UHF staff in the use of library’s resources; performs literature searches and fills information requests. 

    Before joining UHF in ...

  • Gabriela Groenke

    Gabriela Groenke

    Gabriela joined UHF in 2015 as administrative support to the Program and Policy department, where she assists with meeting logistics, liaises with vendors and external contacts, reviews and finalize grant proposals and reports, and provides support for board ...

  • Frank Dunn

    Frank Dunn

    Frank offers technical support to UHF staff and troubleshoots computer problems. He installs and updates software and hardware as needed and anticipates and reports the cost of replacing or updating computer items.

    Before joining UHF in 2015 Frank ...

  • Peter Schafer

    Peter Schafer

  • Jean Accius

    Jean Accius

  • Priya Nori, MD

    Priya Nori, MD

  • David Schleifer, PhD

    David Schleifer, PhD

  • UHF on behalf of the NYSDOH Stakeholder Workgroup

    UHF on behalf of the NYSDOH Stakeholder Workgroup

  • Bruce Spurlock, MD

    Bruce Spurlock, MD

  • Christopher F. Koller

    Christopher F. Koller

  • Dave A. Chokshi, MD, MSc, FACP

    Dave A. Chokshi, MD, MSc, FACP

    Dave A. Chokshi, MD, MSc, FACP, is a primary care internist at Bellevue Hospital and Clinical Associate Professor of Population Health and Medicine at the NYU School of Medicine.* From 2014 to 2020, he ...

  • Yves Duroseau

    Yves Duroseau

  • Arthur Y. Webb

    Arthur Y. Webb

  • Juliana Macri

    Juliana Macri

  • Andrew Detty

    Andrew Detty

  • Susan Dooha

    Susan Dooha

  • Kanchi Duggirala, MHRM

    Kanchi Duggirala, MHRM

    Kanchi, who joined UHF in 2021, coordinates the flow of information between DEI workgroups and staff, responds to human resources-related questions and issues within UHF, sources and recruits potential job candidates, and maintains human resources and DEI ...

  • Alice Ehrlich

    Alice Ehrlich

    Alice joined UHF in late 2021 as Senior Program Manager in the Quality Institute. She is involved in all aspects of the Institute’s quality improvement efforts, including program design, implementation, and evaluation; project management and reporting; and ...

  • Helen Arteaga Landaverde

    Helen Arteaga Landaverde

  • Carol Levine

    Carol Levine

    Carol Levine is a fellow of UHF and and former director of UHF's Families and Health Care Project, which focuses on developing partnerships between health care professionals and family caregivers, especially during transitions in health care settings ...

  • Kacie Dragan

    Kacie Dragan

  • Hillary S. Jalon

    Hillary S. Jalon

  • Teresa Lee

    Teresa Lee

  • Children's Health Initiative

    Children's Health Initiative

  • Guillermo V. Sanchez

    Guillermo V. Sanchez

  • Nikhita Thaper

    Nikhita Thaper

  • Nina Rostanski

    Nina Rostanski