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  • Sally Rogers

    Sally Rogers

    Sally Rogers is senior vice president for communications and development, responsible for the Fund's publications and public information program, as well as its fundraising activities.  Ms. Rogers joined the Fund in 1978, and from March to September ...

  • Mary Johnson

    Mary Johnson

    Mary Johnson is a UHF special projects advisor, working on a variety of writing and strategic communications initiatives. She was vice president of communications at UHF from 2005 until 2006. Prior to joining UHF, Ms. Johnson was senior ...

  • Maryam Diaab

    Maryam Diaab

  • Vaughn Murria

    Vaughn Murria

  • Hollis Holmes

    Hollis Holmes

  • Gene Nelson, MD

    Gene Nelson, MD

  • Gregory C. Burke

    Gregory C. Burke

    Gregory Burke is director of Innovation Strategies at United Hospital Fund. He has written a number of publications on a range of health care policy and financing issues, including several on the evolution and spread of the ...

  • Sarah Samis

    Sarah Samis

  • Gopi Patel, MD

    Gopi Patel, MD