Presentations from "Medicaid in New York: Innovating in an Era of Uncertainty"

The presentations below were featured at the United Hospital Fund conference “Medicaid in New York: Innovating in an Era of Uncertainty,” held July 20, 2017.

See the event's complete agenda.

Read a summary of the day's highlights, including Jason Helgerson's opening keynote (presentation below), panels on behavioral health care for Medicaid beneficiaries (presentations below) and the future of delivery system and payment reforms after DSRIP (no materials available), and a conversation between Chad Shearer, UHF vice president for policy and director of the Medicaid Institute, and Jim Tallon, UHF president (accompanying graphic below).

Keynote: “Medicaid in 2017: Innovating in an Era of Uncertainty”​ by Jason Helgerson, New York State Medicaid director and deputy commissioner, Office of Health Insurance Programs, New York State Department of Health

Download the presentation (pdf, 3 MB)

“Addressing the Behavioral Health Needs of Diverse Medicaid Populations”

Andrew Cleek's presentation (pdf, 150 kb)

Robert Hayes's presentation (pdf, 375 kb)

John Kastan's presentation (pdf, 175 kb)

Debbie Pantin's presentation (pdf, 350 kb)

Jorge Petit's presentation (pdf, 350 kb)

“What's Next for Medicaid and CHIP,” with Chad Shearer and Jim Tallon

​​Download an accompanying graphic (pdf, 75 kb)