Empowering New Yorkers with Quality Measures That Matter to Them

Although quality measurement and public reporting have grown dramatically over the last two decades, the information that New Yorkers want and need in order to make informed health care choices is severely lacking, leaving them without the tools to make better decisions.

To better understand what quality information is currently available, what information consumers want, and the gaps between the two, UHF's Quality Institute engaged in a 15-month inquiry supported by the New York State Health Foundation. UHF researchers examined more than 70 publicly accessible websites and catalogued the quality information contained on 32 of them, for 10 common conditions and surgical procedures. Most of the sites did not provide information that would be useful to consumers in choosing a health care provider.

Empowering New Yorkers with Quality Measures that Matter to Them also synthesizes research on quality measurement and reporting, interviews with a broad range of health care experts, and advice from a 17-member advisory group. It identifies the types of information consumers most want and the barriers to overcome to help New Yorkers become empowered health care consumers.

Note: Two downloads are available as pdfs: the report's executive summary (4 pages) and the full report, including the executive summary (45 pages).Click here to read the related press release.