2019 Shaping Up as a Watershed Year for New York’s Individual Market as Federal Challenges and Uncertainty Continue

A HealthWatch Brief

Author/Editor: Peter Newell and Mandy Miller


In the face of federal efforts to undo or roll back various components of the Affordable Care Act, states have been exploring ways to stabilize and support their individual health insurance markets. This HealthWatch brief gives an update on New York State’s success in doing so.

Using federal risk adjustment figures, rate filings, enrollment reports, and other data, this issue brief notes that New York’s individual health insurance market remained relatively stable in 2017 in terms of enrollment, the cost of coverage, and the relative health of its enrollees. The report also looks at three strategies other states have taken or are considering to stabilize their individual markets: reinsurance programs, state individual coverage mandates, and additional premium subsidies.

This work was supported by the New York Community Trust and the TD Charitable Foundation.

The related press release can be found here.

Published: 10.08.2018




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