Annual Report 2017: Quality and Efficiency

Better Quality: Right Care, Right Provider, Right Outcome


There’s no quick fix to increase patient safety and improve efficacy and outcomes. That takes systematic, ongoing efforts, and the kinds of collaborations we’ve pioneered and excel at.

Working with a broad range of partners—government, health care providers, family caregivers, and other stakeholders—UHF’s Innovation Strategies Initiative, Quality Institute, and Families and Health Care Project are advancing transformative approaches to primary care, quality measurement and improvement, and transitions from institutional care to the home care setting.

  • With the New York State Department of Health, UHF is building consensus on “value-based payment” and quality measures that encourage the healthy growth and development of children living in low-income families and covered by Medicaid.

  • We track and analyze the growth of patient-centered medical homes and accountable care organizations, and support the adoption of advanced primary care—focusing on roadblocks for small medical practices, which are key to addressing health care inequities.

  • Our expertise is helping simplify and align quality reporting requirements, while addressing a lack of measures—of the doctor-patient relationship, for example—that consumers find most valuable for making informed choices about care.

  • The UHF/GNYHA Clinical Quality Fellowship Program, an innovative 15-month intensive training, has prepared more than 175 area doctors and nurses, in nine classes to date, to become highly skilled quality improvement leaders in their institutions.

  • As health care steadily moves from hospital and nursing home to the home care setting, our Families and Health Care Project provides vital guidance and support for family caregivers and for the health care professionals who work with them—such as teaching materials that complement a series of AARP videos on complex caregiving tasks.

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Published: 02.14.2018


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