Annual Report 2017: Coverage and Access

Equal Access: First Step to a Healthier New York


Universal, affordable, accessible health insurance offering comprehensive coverage is a prerequisite for obtaining adequate care—and for an effective, equitable health care system.

New York has made remarkable leaps forward in decreasing the percent of residents without health insurance. But over 1 million residents still lack insurance and many more are underinsured. At a time of continuing federal efforts to roll back progress, UHF’s Health Insurance Project and Medicaid Institute are working to maintain New York’s leadership in improving coverage and the health care safety net, especially for vulnerable populations.

  • Our Health Insurance Project is the only initiative in New York that comprehensively monitors and reports on the health and future sustainability of the state’s insurance market.

  • Our new HealthWatch series provides timely data and insights to help New York assess and address the impact of federal policy changes affecting the future of coverage.

  • Our experts are actively engaged in informing Medicaid policy as members of select workgroups overseeing the State’s payment reform roadmap, making decisions about covered benefits, and creating value-based payment models and associated quality measures for Medicaid enrollees with significant behavioral health needs.

  • Through our Medicaid Institute we’re helping shape policy and operational changes to improve health care services for some six million of the most vulnerable New Yorkers. The Institute is one of only a handful of independent research initiatives conducting detailed analysis of Medicaid utilization and cost data. Current work includes research on Medicaid trends over the past five years, opioid prescribing and medication-assisted treatment, and potentially inappropriate antibiotic prescribing.

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Published: 02.14.2018


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