New York’s Medicare ACOs: Participants and Performance

Data Brief

Author/Editor: Greg Burke and Suzanne Brundage


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Medicare accountable care organizations (ACOs), organized provider groups that entered contracts with Medicare to manage the health of a defined population of beneficiaries, are eligible to share in the savings they generate for Medicare if they meet certain criteria. They are still a fairly new model of delivering care, and are potentially transformational.

This report focuses on the remarkable growth of accountable care in New York State between 2012 and 2015. It revisits and updates a 2013 report from the Fund; it also supports an accompanying qualitative report on provider groups’ early experience with accountable care, based on interviews with leaders of many of New York’s Medicare ACOs.

As of January 2015, 27 provider groups were participating in Medicare’s accountable care programs. This report provides numbers on these ACOs: their size, composition, sponsorsip, and regional distribution; it also gives some early accounts of financial performance. Additionally, aggregated results on quality measures show how New York’s ACOs compare with those nationwide.

See the accompanying report, Accountable Care in New York State: Emerging Themes and Issues.

Copyright: 2015
Published: 04.08.2015




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