Health Indicators: A Proactive and Systematic Approach to Healthy Aging

Author/Editor: Fredda Vladeck, Rebecca Segel, Mia Oberlink, Michal D. Gursen, and Danylle Rudin


This article presents the background, design, and early findings of the Health Indicators in NORC (naturally occurring retirement community) Programs Initiative, started by the United Hospital Fund in 2007 with major support from the New York City Department for the Aging.

Health Indicators is a data-driven, community-based, collaborative effort under way in 34 low- and moderate-income communities in New York City. The Initiative is designed to help NORC programs shift practice from providing services on a reactive, “one hip fracture at a time” basis to targeting those most at risk and helping them get the education, care, and support they need for long-term living with chronic conditions. As detailed in this article, Health Indicators has enabled community-based programs with limited resources to become more systematic in addressing the management of clients with diabetes, heart disease, or an increased risk for falls.

Published in Cityscape (Volume 12, Number 2), a journal of the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.

Copyright: None.
Published: 07.19.2010




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