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The Clinical Quality Fellowship Program (CQFP) supports the training and professional development of early- and mid-career physicians, nurses, and physician assistants to help them lead and champion quality improvement and patient safety efforts within their health care organizations.

Click below for the most recent CQFP brochure (pdf), which includes all program details, including the full calendar of events and a link to the electronic application (now closed).

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Why This Is Important

To drive quality improvement at their health care organizations, it is essential that clinical leaders understand the changing health care policy, payment, and regulatory environment, as well as the tools and techniques needed to enact meaningful organizational change in quality and patient safety.

The Program

Through an intensive 15-month training program, regional leaders in health care quality teach the Fellows proven tools and techniques to improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of patient care within their institutions. Participating Fellows then bring their new knowledge, skills, and strategies back to their organizations, where they are prepared to take on leadership roles and act as agents of change. 

Program activities include two off-site retreats, monthly webinars, dinner meetings, and a half-day learning session. Central to the experience is the planning and implementation of a capstone quality improvement initiative at each Fellow’s home organization. Throughout the capstone learning process, each Fellow is guided by a faculty mentor, a particular benefit of the program.

The CQFP is co-led by UHF and the Greater New York Hospital Association, and supported by a grant from UHF. Each year, applications are accepted beginning in August; the new class is selected in December and begins the program in January.


The CQFP has become an enduring support for quality improvement in greater New York area health care facilities; to date, over 250 clinicians have participated in the CQFP, helping to build the quality capacity at organizations throughout the region. The program has consistently received excellent feedback and reviews from participants, and it has grown considerably since its inception in 2009. The 30 fellows that make up the class of 2020-21 come from a wide range of clinical disciplines, specialties, and settings, contributing to the richness of the learning experience. 

Contact: Joan Guzik

What Is the CQFP?

Click below to see a brief video celebrating years of this influential program. Includes assessments from Lorraine Ryan, Deborah Halper, Hillary Jalon, Rohit Bhalla, Marc Napp, Anthony Shih, and Kenneth Raske.

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