UHF has launched a task force consisting of leaders from New York health care organizations to help coordinate efforts in improving health equity and health care quality.

Why This Is Important

Despite the attention inequities in health and health care have received during the COVID-19 pandemic, stark differences in access, care, and outcomes remain. Although more is now known about the causes—including structural racism—interventions implemented so far have not meaningfully diminished differences in the care that health care providers deliver to Black, Latine, Asian, and American Indian patients compared to white patients. As a result, troubling disparities persist. For example, the maternal mortality rate for Black women in New York State is more than five times the rate for white women.

Our Work

The UHF project is bringing together quality and equity leaders from New York health care organizations to share ideas and examples of interventions, aiming to ensure that equity is specifically prioritized in quality strategies. 

The 24-member task force will work over an 18-month period to develop a framework for embedding equity in efforts to improve quality in the delivery of health care.  

The task force, managed by UHF’s Quality Institute, will also produce a prioritized set of recommendations to support the quality and equity agenda in New York as well as a series of case vignettes of promising strategies and interventions. 

Contact: Anne-Marie Audet