For decades, Medicaid has provided coverage to millions of New Yorkers. These graphs offer the latest available data on Medicaid enrollment in the state, as well as a historical view on enrollment over time.

This page includes three graphs:

Current Medicaid Enrollment (May 2019-present)

Current Medicaid Enrollment by County

Historical Medicaid Enrollment (January 1998-April 2019)

Current Medicaid Enrollment

The graph below tracks total New York Medicaid enrollment using the most recently available data from the Department of Health.As of April 2021, over 7 million New Yorkers were enrolled in Medicaid.


Current Medicaid Enrollment by County

The map below displays the percentage of the population of each county enrolled in Medicaid, which ranges widely across the state. Counties are shaded based on defined thresholds of Medicaid enrollment prevalence, which are depicted in the key.You can adjust the time frame to show the average percentage of each county enrolled in Medicaid during the defined time frame.


Historical Medicaid Enrollment

Over the last 30 years, economic conditions and policy actions to expand Medicaid coverage have affected enrollment. This graph displays New York Medicaid enrollment from January 1998 through April 2019 using historical sources from the Department of Health.3  Key policy changes affecting New York Medicaid enrollment are noted on the graph, from oldest to most recent.


Footnotes and Sources


Last updated 3/8/2023