The disparate impact of COVID-19 on communities of color was just the latest example of health disparities in New York City. Even before the pandemic, life expectancy in some Black communities and other communities of color was more than 10 years shorter on average than in the highest-ranking, predominantly white neighborhoods. All candidates in the roundup recognize these inequities and their underlying root causes, as well as the need for solutions that stretch far beyond the health care system. Candidates’ solutions range from various approaches to addressing underlying factors like poverty, housing instability, and food insecurity to strategies for focusing health care access efforts in the most affected communities. Several candidates specifically call for reducing disparities in maternal health outcomes, recognizing the deep inequities in maternal morbidity and mortality in the City.

Eric Adams on Equity

Art Chang on Equity

Shaun Donovan on Equity

Kathryn Garcia on Equity

Ray McGuire on Equity

Dianne Morales on Equity

Scott Stringer on Equity

Maya Wiley on Equity

Andrew Yang on Equity

The statements above were collected and reposted by UHF as part of a guide to mayoral candidates’ positions on health care and related issues, published May 25, 2021. They present either exact language from the candidates’ websites and supporting materials found on those websites, or direct text from responses to a UHF-fielded candidate survey.

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