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As the mayoral primary elections approach on June 22, UHF sought to develop a roundup of candidates’ positions on important health issues that align with our mission to build an effective and equitable health care system for every New Yorker. We analyzed websites of all primary candidates certified by the Board of Elections (Republican and Democratic), identifying four important health policy issue areas commonly addressed by most candidates. Nine certified candidates (Eric Adams, Art Chang, Shaun Donovan, Kathryn Garcia, Ray McGuire, Dianne Morales, Scott Stringer, Maya Wiley, and Andrew Yang) either had sufficient information on their websites or had completed a UHF-fielded candidate survey to be included in our roundup. 

As expected, most of the current attention in health policy is still focused on the COVID-19 pandemic as the City heads toward recovery, manages vaccine distribution, and plans for future pandemic preparedness. Although this will continue to be important in 2022 and beyond, the next mayor will also have to address a litany of other health policy issues.

Click the links below to see candidates’ stated positions and plans on health policy concerns, arranged by broad topic area.

Coverage and Access 

Maintaining or expanding health insurance coverage, direct access to health care services, and the city’s robust safety net. Link.

Health Equity 

Acknowledging that the disparate impact of COVID-19 on communities of color was just the latest example of health disparities in New York City, and looking for ways to address more of them. Link.

Behavioral Health 

Addressing New York City’s growing mental health and substance abuse crises through logistics, harm-reduction approaches, and broader safety and justice issues. Link.

Managing the City Health Agenda

Focusing on interagency collaboration, department structures, and the tools, techniques, and resources that will be required to achieve broader health policy goals. Link.

An accompanying commentary and overview on these four issue areas is available here.

UHF’s roundup of mayoral candidates’ positions presents either exact language from the candidates’ websites and supporting materials found on those websites, or direct text from responses to the UHF-fielded candidate survey. Some candidates have much more detailed plans than others, and the roundup strived to include at least bullet-level detail for anything relevant to the issues described above. We strongly recommend voters and other interested stakeholders visit candidates’ websites for additional detail and for positions on issues not included in the roundup at time of publication. Links are provided below. 

Identifying candidate positions on health issues is a new undertaking for UHF, and we attempted to obtain more detailed positions by fielding a survey of all mayoral candidates active in the race. Unfortunately, only a limited number of candidates fully responded to the survey. Portions of the survey responses from primary certified candidates Art Chang and Dianne Morales are included as part of the roundup. 

NYC Mayoral Candidate Websites and Related Sources

Published May 25, 2021.

On the Candidates' Health Policy Positions