Last updated April 30, 2021.

General Information About Coronavirus for Families

2019 Novel Coronavirus
Information on COVID-19 and tips for parents on how to keep kids healthy, how to handle school closures, and how to talk to kids about COVID-19. 
Source: from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Growing Up NYC Coronavirus Updates
New York City specific news and updates about COVID-19, and resources for up-to-date and accurate information and support for families.
Source: NYC Children’s Cabinet

Power of Two COVID-19: Resources for Families 
A comprehensive list of emergency resources for New York City families.
Source: Power of Two

NASEM Forum for Children’s Wellbeing COVID-19 Resources 
A comprehensive list of resources for parents, child-focused professionals, and health care providers on health care, supports for children with special needs, the mental health needs of parents, policy efforts, and medical professional education material on the coronavirus. 
Source: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children
Fact sheet from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Keeping COVID-19 Out of Your Home
A checklist for front-line workers from Health Leads USA.
Source: Health Leads USA

Talking to Children About Coronavirus/COVID-19

Helping Children Cope With Changes Resulting From COVID-19
A webpage with tips for parents on several topics around COVID-19 and children, including talking with their children about the coronavirus, and helping cope with change as a result of the pandemic. The tip sheets are available for download in English, Spanish, Amharic, Chinese, Korean, French, and Vietnamese.
Source: National Association of School Psychologists and National Association of School Nurses

Talking with Kids About COVID-19 (Podcast) 
Nicole Dempster, PhD, pediatric psychologist of Nationwide Children's Hospital, talks with Prognosis Ohio podcast host Dan Skinner about strategies for talking with kids about COVID-19.
Source: National Public Radio and WCBE (Central Ohio Public Radio)

How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus 
Discussion guide for talking with children about coronavirus that is focused on correcting misinformation, reassuring children of their safety, and what families can proactively do to stay safe.
Source: PBS

Tips for Families: Coronavirus
Tip sheet for parents for talking about the coronavirus with young children, including responses to common questions, young children and social distancing, and self-care.
Source: Zero to Three

Talking with Children: Tips for Caregivers, Parents, and Teachers During Infectious Disease Outbreaks
A fact sheet for parents, caregivers, and teachers with strategies for helping children manage their stress during an infectious disease outbreak. It describes potential reactions among youth and the support adults can provide to help them.
Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Talking to Children About Disasters
Tips for parents on talking about disasters with children to help them cope effectively.
Source: from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus Crisis
Tips for talking with children about COVID-19, with links to more resources to support families.
Source: Child Mind Institute

Fighting the Big Virus: Trinka, Sam, and Littletown Work Together
A coloring book, question guide, and parent guide.
Source: National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Parenting During the Coronavirus Outbreak 

Taking Care of Your Family During Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreaks
A two-page tip sheet with advice and resources for staying informed, practicing good basic hygiene, and managing stress during an infectious disease outbreak.
Source: Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress

Parenting Through Community Crises and Disasters
Resource page for parents on talking with children about crises and disasters that includes question prompts and discussion guides, as well as information about stress and trauma in children.
Source: Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center PACT Program

Parenting During COVID-19
Parenting tips for addressing children’s reactions and anxieties about the coronavirus outbreak and its impacts.
Source: Psychology Today

Positive Parenting 
An infographic on parenting behaviors that foster a child’s capacity to love, trust, learn, and grow. 
Source: Zero to Three

Managing Your Own Emotions: The Key to Positive, Effective Parenting
Guidance for parents on the influence their reactions have on children’s behavior and tips on how to respond to help children develop and foster their coping skills.
Source: Zero to Three

New York State Resource: Guide Caring for Your Family During the COVID-19 Crisis
This resource guide helps caregivers navigate life with children during the pandemic and beyond, focusing on protective factors to mitigate the impacts of trauma on families.
Source: Prevent Child Abuse NY

Coronavirus (COVID-19), Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding: A Message for Patients
Guidance from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
Source: ACOG

Growing Up NYC Pandemic Resources
Information and links to resources to assistance and supports for New York City children and families during COVID-19, including general support, health and mental health, cash and benefits assistance, and services for immigrants. 
Source: Growing Up NYC

Resources for Youth and Families During Coronavirus 
National, state, and local (New York City) resources to assist youth and families during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Source: Children’s Village

COVID-19: Resources for Kinship Caregivers in New York State
A curated list of COVID-19 resources geared toward the information needs of kinship caregivers, such as grandparents or other non-parent relatives, navigating child care during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Source: New York State Kinship Navigator

Family Support Resources 
A general suite of tools and guides for providers and parents to support parenting through promotion and improvement of parenting skills, knowledge, and behavior via parenting education. Includes some curated resources from other organizations on topics related to COVID-19.
Source: New York State Parenting Education Partnership

Parenting at a Challenging Time: COVID-19 Resources 
This guide presents an FAQ and resources for helping parents answer children’s difficult questions about the COVID-19 pandemic.
Source: Marjorie E. Korff PACT Program at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Advice for Parents Experiencing Stress of COVID-19
Statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics offering advice for parents experiencing stress during the COVID-19 pandemic. The tips included emphasize self-care, asking for help, and healthy discipline techniques.
Source: American Academy of Pediatrics

Recognizing and Managing Stress 

Children’s Responses to Crises and Tragic Events
Tips for families and early childhood education staff on what children’s responses to crises and tragic events may look like.
Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with the Coronavirus Disease 2019
Tips for parents and caregivers on the possible physical and emotional impacts of an infectious disease outbreak and what they can do to help their family cope.
Source: National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Facts for Families: News and Children
This Facts for Families guide discusses strategies for minimizing the negative effects that watching the news may have on children.
Source: American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Supporting Young Children Isolated Because of Coronavirus
Tips for talking about the coronavirus with children; includes tips for children who are socially isolated as a result of COVID-19 associated stigma. In English and Chinese.  
Source: Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

Helping Children Cope with Stress During the 2019-nCoV Outbreak
WHO infographic on helping children cope with stress during the COVID-19 outbreak, suitable for display or distribution in the office practice.
Source: World Health Organization Information Network for Epidemics 

Disaster and Trauma Parent Resource Center
This page includes Facts for Families on many aspects of dealing with trauma, grief, post-traumatic stress, and other mental health conditions that arise from disasters, and links to many other resources for families and children dealing with disasters.
Source: American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Resources for Helping Kids and Parents Cope Amidst COVID-19
This page features several resources from AACAP and others on aspects of helping children understand and cope with coronavirus, including discussions of sheltering in place, managing stress, and children’s exposure to news.
Source: American Academy for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Helping Children Cope with Changes Resulting from COVID-19
A resource for parents to help children understand and cope with changes related to COVID-19, including tips on adjusting schedules and expectations, balancing work and other activities, and staying connected to family and friends. 
Source: National Association of School Psychologists

New York Project Hope: Coping with COVID
New York Project Hope, a program of the NYS Office of Mental Health, funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, provides resources to help individuals make connections needed to manage life changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects. 
Source: New York Project Hope

Mental Health in the Next Phase of Coronavirus
A consumer-facing guide on recognizing and coping with the mental health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including advice on how parents and caretakers can help children and adolescents cope with pandemic stress.
Source: New York State Office of Mental Health

National Alliance on Mental Illness (General Mental Health Support)
NAMI provides education, support, and advocacy for individuals and families affected by mental illness. Their resources include classes and support groups. 
Source: NAMI

Childhood Grief and Loss in the Time of COVID-19: A Guide for Caregivers
Information for caregivers of children who are grieving, including a description of children’s ability to understand death at different developmental ages and stages.
Source: The Community Technical Assistance Center of New York

Citizens' Committee for Children of NY COVID-19 Response and Recovery page 
CCCNY provides a list of resources for New Yorkers on access to food, income, health and mental health care, and remote learning supports, among others. 
Source: Citizens' Committee for Children of New York (CCCNY)

Social Distancing and Staying Home

Taking Care of Your Behavioral Health: Tips for Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation During an Infectious Disease Outbreak 
This tip sheet provides information and resources to help individuals take care of their behavioral health during social distancing, quarantine, and isolation related to an infectious disease outbreak. Includes tips on self-advocating, working with employers to reduce financial stress, and coping strategies.
Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Helping Homebound Children During the COVID-19 Outbreak
A two-page tip sheet for parents with approaches for managing homebound periods for children and families, such as school closures and social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Source: Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress

COVID-19: How to Help Kids Deal with School Closings and Cancelled Plans 
Tips to help parents and kids handle the challenges of school closings and social distancing.
Source: Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Talking is Teaching Indoors Toolkit
A toolkit of ideas and resources encouraging the use of talking, reading, and singing as indoor educational activities for families practicing social distancing. 
Source: Too Small to Fail Initiative of the Clinton Foundation

K-2 Tips for Supporting Learning at Home 
This guide from the Child Mind Institute provides tips to parents for supporting young children during remote learning.
Source: Child Mind Institute

Supporting Your Child with Blended Learning 
A guide to supporting New York City public school children during remote and blended learning.
Source: New York City Department of Education

All the Feels: Helping Young Children Cope with the Return to Child Care
This resource describes child behavior changes to look for and how parents can respond to positively support their children during the transition back to child-care settings. 
Source: Zero to Three

Activities and Resources for Families and Children at Home

Below are a few examples of the many online resources to help parents find enriching and entertaining activities for children while they are practicing social distancing and quarantines during an infectious disease outbreak. 

How Can I Tell If an App Is Good for Learning?
Tips for families for finding learning-focused apps and websites.
Source: Common Sense Media

Helping Your Family De-Stress During Coronavirus Anxiety
Tip sheet for parents on how to manage anxiety, stay active, and focus on family well-being.
Source: Common Sense Media

New York City Department of Education: Learn-at-Home Resources
This page provides supplementary learning resources for children home from school.
Source: New York City Department of Education

Brooklyn Public Library: Virtual Storytime
Storytime activities geared toward young children.
Source: Brooklyn Public Library

Daily Art Challenge
Daily art challenge for families. (Note: Requires Facebook account and login.) 
Source: Follow Your Art, LLC

PBS Kids
Activities and educational games for children, geared toward a younger audience. 
Source: PBS

Back to School: K-12 Online Classes, Activities to Continue Learning During Coronavirus
An expansive list of free and discounted educational resources online.
Source: CNET