United Hospital Fund Names Joan Guzik New Director of Quality and Efficiency

Director and Team Leader Lynn Rogut to Retire

NEW YORK, NY—August 26, 2021—United Hospital Fund announced today that Joan Guzik, its current director of quality improvement, will be named director of quality and efficiency effective September 3. That is also the date that Lynn Rogut, current director of quality and team lead for quality and efficiency, will retire.

Ms. Guzik joined UHF in 2017 from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Jersey, where she was Regulatory Coordinator. At UHF she leads multiple programs and initiatives of the Quality Institute, including UHF’s longstanding Clinical Quality Fellowship Program, a collaboration with the Greater New York Hospital Association and a learning collaborative with skilled nursing facilities focused on the transition from nursing home back to home and community-based settings.

Ms. Rogut joined UHF for her first stint in 1993, leading major grants and initiatives. She served as project director for the Patient-Centered Care Consortium, supporting the collection and use of patient feedback to improve quality of care at 15 participating hospitals. 

In 2016, Ms. Rogut returned to UHF as director of quality measurement and care transformation and in 2019 was promoted to her current position. Throughout the second stretch of her UHF tenure, Ms. Rogut led a litany of projects, building UHF’s Quality Institute into a respected and sought-after partner in the ongoing journey to improve health care quality, increase reliability and efficiency, and foster innovation in care delivery so that it better responds to the needs of patients and families. 

Ms. Rogut led multiple efforts to bring diverse stakeholders together and develop consensus on issues ranging from quality measurement to consumer information tools. Specifically, she managed and authored reports from multiple workgroups for the Office of Quality and Patient Safety at the New York State Department of Health, all focused on a common theme— developing meaningful quality ratings and pricing information for New York consumers seeking primary or acute care services. Her previous work with the State on primary care transformation and a UHF project focused on empowering New Yorkers with quality measures that matter to them was central to informing these efforts. 

Driven by a passion for supporting consumer decision-making, Ms. Rogut also spearheaded a project looking at various aspects of the transition from hospital care to post-acute settings. Four reports from the project, Difficult Decisions About Post-Acute Care, explored the systemic challenges that make it difficult for patients and their families to make well-informed decisions about post-acute options during the time-limited hospital discharge process and the risks they may face as a result. The final report in the series highlighted best practices, innovations, and policy changes. 

In recognition of her quality measurement expertise, in 2018 Ms. Rogut was selected as a member of the Technical Expert Panel for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Quality Measure Development Plan. Her service on the panel will end in December 2021. 
“Lynn has been invaluable to the growth of the Quality Institute and has extended the breadth and depth of work we do in the quality and efficiency priority area,” said Chad Shearer, UHF senior vice president for policy and program. “Her leadership, mentorship, internal and external collaboration, and friendship will be sorely missed, but we look forward to continuing her great work under Joan’s leadership going forward.”

“Lynn has been a tremendous asset to UHF and the Quality Institute. Her contributions have helped make UHF a leader in improving the quality of care in New York,” said Anthony Shih, MD, UHF president. “I look forward to seeing the Quality Institute’s mission continue to make a difference for patients and their families under the leadership of Joan Guzik.”  

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Aug. 26, 2021
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