Medicare Rights Center

To enhance organizations' capacity to promote the interests of consumers within new health system transformation models in New York State, and help consumers become better informed and active participants in shaping new models. Medicare Rights Center will assess the care landscape, including payment and delivery system innovations and next steps for education and policy.

In New York State and across the country, the way health care is paid for and delivered to patients and consumers is changing. And these changes affect the relationships and dynamics between patients, providers, and payers in ways that are complex.
This project aims to improve the capacity of the Medicare Rights Center and other consumer–oriented stakeholders to promote the rights and needs of consumers—particularly older consumers with disabilities, the Medicare population—to become better informed and active participants in shaping new models.

The Medicare Rights Center will convene a workgroup to develop criteria for assessing New York's health system transformation landscape and will develop plans for educating consumers about—and engaging them in—new models. The project team will also work with policymakers to help ensure that new models are responsive to consumer needs. The project will culminate in a report on New York's Medicare-related health system transformation landscape.

Feb. 17, 2016