Legal Action Center

To publish two issue briefs on policies and practices that best engage and retain justice-involved individuals in effective health care, drawing on the organization's experience working with New York State to enroll these individuals into Medicaid and connecting them with coordinated care.

People involved in the criminal justice system—in prison, awaiting trial, or on probation—are seven times more likely than the general population to experience mental illness, substance abuse disorders, and other chronic conditions. Without Medicaid or other insurance once back in the community, they are at high risk. LAC has been working to create new models for enrolling this population into Medicaid and facilitating immediate access to health care upon re-entry; it will now develop and disseminate two issue briefs examining progress and challenges to effective reforms related to providing insurance and creating linkages to health care services, for use by State and local health and criminal justice agencies, policymakers, and practitioners.

June 15, 2016