Greater New York Hospital Association

To build provider capacity and enhance the quality of care within health systems across the greater New York region through GNYHA/UHF activities aimed at:

Bolstering clinical quality improvement leadership through the continuation and expansion of the Clinical Quality Fellowship Program Providing an opportunity for senior leadership of health care organizations to learn about “high–reliability” principles and implement them in their organizations

The Institute of Medicine has noted that a key factor underlying patient safety problems in the United States is a paucity of quality and patient safety training opportunities for clinicians. Leadership engagement at the highest levels of medical center administration—the C-suite—is also critical to building a culture of patient safety and promoting continuous quality improvement.

This grant will provide continuing support to the partnership between United Hospital Fund and Greater New York Hospital Association, established in 2005, to build clinical capacity and enhance quality of care and patient safety across the greater New York region.

The grant will support work in two areas:

Clinical Quality Fellowship Program (CQFP), an intensive 15-month training and professional development program for early- and mid-career physicians and nurses, helping them develop the skills to lead and champion quality improvement and patient safety efforts within their hospitals. Central to the experience is the planning and implementation of a capstone quality improvement initiative at each fellow's home organization. CQFP has consistently received excellent feedback and reviews from participants since its inception in 2009. The class of 2017-2018 is the largest yet, admitting 28 fellows.

High-Reliability Learning Collaborative. High-reliability principles—practices that improve quality and reduce the incidence of harm by increasing the capacity to anticipate, respond to, and contain unexpected developments that could lead to error—have become an increasing focus of the health care industry. Through this new initiative, GNYHA will develop a learning collaborative that will focus on high reliability in health care and implementing high-reliability principles in participants' organizations. Commitment and support from each participant's C-Suite is required.

Oct. 18, 2017