Data & Society Research Institute

To generate an overview of New York-based activity to develop relevant apps, clinical decision tools, connected devices, and other assistive digital health technology for patients with multiple chronic conditions, and to create a framework for evaluating such technology.

Digital health technology is a rapidly developing field in which new health apps, clinical decision tools, and connected devices are being designed to meet the health care needs of providers, payers and patients. There are few new digital tools, however, that aim to manage the needs of complex patients with multiple chronic conditions—patients who drive substantial health spending and are at risk for greater morbidity and mortality than their peers.

Based on a review of the literature, social media, and technology reviews, as well as structured interviews and discussions with key stakeholders, the project team will produce a report that helps identify the key challenges and opportunities for developing digital tools that focus on the needs of the most complex patients. The focus will be on digital development activities based in New York, with an emphasis on those that are being developed or tested with New York providers or patients. The technology examined will focus on medication management, care coordination, and self-management.

Feb. 17, 2016