Criteria and Instructions
on How to Apply for a Grant

United Hospital Fund is not accepting letters of intent or unsolicited proposals at this time.

When the application window is open, United Hospital Fund welcomes letters of intent from not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organizations that succinctly describe a project with potential to improve health care for New Yorkers. Projects focused on improving care for vulnerable New Yorkers are encouraged. Generally, we do not prioritize projects primarily designed to improve care provided at a single organization without broader applicability or learning; instead, we encourage proposals that can have broader system impact or that include a substantial plan for dissemination and scale. To apply once letters of intent or unsolicited proposals are once again being accepted, please submit a letter of intent as outlined below. Following an initial review, staff will respond within two to four weeks about next steps, which might include follow-up meetings, calls, and, for some applicants, an immediate invitation to submit a full proposal. Deadlines will be posted when available, and the criteria below for completing a letter of intent may be revised.

Information to Include in Letter of Intent (only when the application window has reopened)

Full name of organization
Chief executive officer/executive director name and title
Organization address
Name, title, address, phone, and email for the primary contact for this letter of intent
Description of project:
•    A two-line purpose statement
•    Total project cost
•    Total grant request to UHF
•    Name, title, and qualifications of project director
•    Importance of issue to be addressed, including its broader applicability to health care in New York:  200 words
•    Description of project and how it will be implemented: 500 words
•    Evaluation plan, if applicable: 200 words
•    Products and expected results: 200 words
•    Dissemination plan: 200 words

The letter of intent should be emailed, as an attached Word document, to Hollis Holmes, grants manager, at

Deadlines and Funding Guidelines

Grants are awarded throughout the year upon approval of UHF’s board, but no deadline will be announced until the application window has reopened.

Only not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organizations are eligible for United Hospital Fund grants. The focus of the grant activity must be New York City. Grant funds may not be used for:
•    Overhead or other indirect costs
•    General operating support or for service delivery
•    Conferences
•    Capital costs

Grant funds can be used for very limited equipment and software expenses that are integral to the project and justified in the budget narrative.

Further instructions and forms will be made available to those who are invited to submit a full proposal.