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Grant Date: 06.16.2010
Amount: $75,000

To expand access to primary medical care for Medicaid-eligible, HIV-positive New Yorkers currently not receiving consistent care or treatment, and to strengthen primary care service delivery systems to better retain clients in care by creating an effective medical home.

Most HIV-positive New Yorkers manage their HIV through regular care and treatment given by an HIV specialist primary care provider.  However, studies of the HIV-positive population show that a large cohort has never established a regular relationship with a primary care provider.  Individuals in this group, typically impoverished and facing issues such as substance abuse, mental illness, and homelessness, find it difficult to manage many aspects of their lives, including HIV treatment.  At the same time, providers are overextended and unable to provide the consistency and enhanced access to appointments that works best with this population.  Amida Care, the New York City AIDS Fund, and the Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC), have received major funding from the National AIDS Fund for a three-year project to improve access and retool primary care services to better meet the needs of HIV-positive individuals who have difficulty staying in treatment.  Using grant funds from the United Hospital Fund, Amida Care will engage in an extensive outreach effort to recruit new clients, who will be provided with all of the benefits of their service model, including Medicaid coverage, referral to one of their core primary care providers, care coordination, and peer support.  PCDC will develop a quality improvement collaborative with Amida Care’s core primary care providers to help them redesign their service delivery systems to better serve HIV-positive patients with complex issues.  Year 1 goals will include bringing 350 new clients into care, with a three-year project goal of 1,650. 


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