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Grant Date: 06.16.2010
Amount: $100,000

To implement a New York State health system performance scorecard.  (A previous grant supported the design of this scorecard.)

Numerous studies have documented significant regional variation in health care quality, costs, equity, and outcomes. Many groups are developing reports, or scorecards, to highlight these differences in performance.  Often these scorecards focus on one type of provider and one dimension of performance, however, and do not help policymakers and health care leaders evaluate the performance of the entire health care system in a community, nor provide a basis for making and measuring improvements at the community level.  Under a grant awarded by the Fund last year, IPRO worked with a technical advisory group to propose specifications for a New York State community-level scorecard.  This project will take the next step and implement the scorecard to provide a comprehensive assessment of health system performance at a community level within New York State.
IPRO will develop and implement a scorecard that will include thirty to forty measures of performance across the domains of quality, costs and potentially preventable hospitalizations, health outcomes, and equity.  Performance will be measured at the county and regional levels – likely fourteen to sixteen regions in New York State, consisting of one or more counties per region.  IPRO will acquire the necessary data from city, state, and federal sources, perform the data analysis, and prepare a written report, including summary maps, charts, and a narrative analysis of trends and patterns.  After the scorecard has been developed and publicly vetted, IPRO anticipates creating an interactive web-based system that would allow users to compare performance between regions by indicator, domain, and overall health system performance. 


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