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Qual-IT - July 2007

Registration is still open for the Fund's July 17 conference, "Quality Strategies/Quality Programs," featuring presentations and disussion by leaders in the quality improvement community.

Qual-IT - June 2007

A new study evaluates the elements essential to community-level quality improvement initiatives, and an upcoming Fund conference assesses the quality landscape in New York. Both are highlighted in this month's Qual-IT.

Qual-IT - April 2007

A new focus on HIT's utility for improving quality, cost effectiveness, and population health is being advanced with several federal, and private, initiatives and analyses, this month's issue of Qual-IT reports.

Qual-IT - February-March 2007

New policy initiatives focused on employer-based health plans could provide needed impetus to dramatically increase HIT adoption and use.

Qual-IT - January 2007

A new initiative is working to address key policy challenges in making personal health information accessible electronically—while protecting privacy and security. This issue of Qual-IT presents key findings of its first interim report.

Qual-IT - December 2006

The recent Fund co-sponsored New York Summit on eHealth highlighted important developments in establishing multi-stakeholder cooperation to promote adoption of HIT, including formation of the New York eHealth Collaborative.

Qual-IT - October 2006

Several new national initiatives promoting the use of standard quality measures are looking at the role of HIT in providing essential information.

Qual-IT - September 2006

New regulations, and a first set of certification standards, are important steps toward wider adoption of HIT, the September issue of Qual-IT reports.

Qual-IT - July-August 2006

Preserving the confidentiality of personal health information is both increasingly difficult and increasingly important as electronic health information exchange and health information systems proliferate. Recent national and local policy developments are addressing those concerns, as this issue of Qual-IT reports.

Qual-IT - June 2006

Adoption of HIT remains slowed by cost, and a dearth of clear-cut data on return on investment compounds the problem. Yet momentum is building for wider dissemination of some aspects of HIT, notably computerized physician order entry, as leaders say patient safety benefits outweigh a limited body of evidence.

Qual-IT - May 2006

A look back at the tenure of the first national coordinator for HIT shows some notable successes in adoption and interoperability -- and some serious barriers remaining.

Qual-IT - April 2006

Two new reports offer policy and technical guidelines and a look at a national cost/benefit database.

Qual-IT - March 2006

States are increasingly mobilizing their own multi-stakeholder HIT policy initiatives to identify resources and promulgate standards and interoperability.

Qual-IT - December 2005

New York's HIT Agenda: Strategies and Vision
A new Fund report explores the need for ongoing, formal stakeholder communication and collaboration as New York's HIT agenda unfolds.

Qual-IT - November 2005

Rapid Advances in HIT Policy Agendas
Recent activity at both the federal and state levels marks significant new momentum in the HIT policy and technical agenda.

Qual-IT - October 2005

Physician Quality Measurement and HIT
While improving the quality and safety of health care is one of the underlying rationales for broad adoption of health information technology, just how HIT relates to quality measurement in physicians' practices is still being determined. Several current initiatives, described in this month's Qual-IT, are addressing the issue.

Qual-IT - August 2005

HIT Efforts Advancing in New York
With a wide variety of collaborative efforts on HIT emerging at the state as well as federal level, Qual-IT examines recent developments that are beginning to frame the HIT agenda in New York.

Qual-IT - July 2005

Interoperability: The Policy and Technical Priorities
"Interoperability" is at the heart of both federal government and private-sector health information technology initiatives. Just what are the technical and policy priorities that will shape emerging systems?

Qual-IT - June 2005

Leadership and Leverage: Federal Policies Needed to Promote HIT Adoption
The federal agenda for health information technology is still in the early stages of development, but key elements are taking shape, as witnessed by recent policy statements, a new HHS-announced national organization, and bipartisan legislation.

Qual-IT - May 2005

Working Around Personal Identifiers: A Strategic and Tactical Challenge
Linking and exchanging health information across disparate health care settings requires standards on a host of both technical and policy issues, not least the creation of personal identifiers. With consensus unlikely on a uniform approach to such identifiers, strategies for exchanging information without them are of particular interest. Two current initiatives are described.

Qual-IT - April 2005

The Role of State-Level Coordination in Advancing the Adoption of Health Information Technology
This month's newsletter focuses on state-level coordination to advance health information technology (IT) adoption and use, and explores the types of issues that might be amenable to state-level solutions, existing models that demonstrate the value of state-level coordination, and current efforts in New York State to develop and advance strategies to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care through the use of IT.

Qual-IT - March 2005

Promoting Clinical Information Interoperability
In this third issue of Qual-IT, the United Hospital Fund's new series of electronic briefs providing regular updates on our Quality Strategies Initiative, we look at the goal and challenges of promoting new systems for exchange of clinical information, and at how the health services community's experience with exchange of administrative data can inform that process.

Qual-IT - February 2005

Regional Health Information Organizations
In this second issue of Qual-IT, the United Hospital Fund's new series of electronic briefs providing regular updates on our Quality Strategies Initiative, we look at the concept of RHIOs, regional health information organizations, which have recently emerged as a central element of the agenda to advance broader adoption and use of health care information technology (IT). This primer on RHIOs provides an overview of the issues that the Fund and other organizations across the state will be working through in the coming months.

Qual-IT - January 2005

The Promise of Interoperability
IT--information technology--is a fundamental building block in the health care system infrastructure essential to supporting quality and safety. Yet adoption of this technology has been uneven to date, and usually limited to the intraorganizational setting. Maximizing the value of IT investments to support health care quality and safety will require that information flow readily and securely within and across health care settings. Qual-IT, this new e-letter, will focus on the policy, operational, and technical strategies needed to support IT “interoperability.”


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