Board of Directors and Officers



J. Barclay Collins II

Anthony Shih, MD, MPH

John C. Simons
Chairman Designate

Frederick W. Telling, PhD
Vice Chairman

Sheila M. Abrams

Sheila M. Abrams
Sally J. Rogers
Senior Vice Presidents

Deborah E. Halper
Chad Shearer
Vice Presidents

Amanda A. Williams
Corporate Secretary



Honorary Directors


Bettina Alonso
Stephen Berger
Lori Evans Bernstein
Jo Ivey Boufford, MD
Dale C. Christensen, Jr.
J. Barclay Collins II
Robert S. Galvin, MD
Michael R. Golding, MD
Jennifer L. Howse, PhD
Eugene Keilin
Cary A. Kravet
Josh N. Kuriloff
Howard P. Milstein
Susana R. Morales, MD
Robert C. Osborne
Anthony Shih, MD, MPH
John C. Simons
Eileen M. Sullivan-Marx, PhD, RN, FAAN
Frederick W. Telling, PhD
Mary Beth C. Tully
Barbara A. Yastine

Rev. John E. Carrington
John K. Castle
Timothy C. Forbes
Barbara P. Gimbel
Michael A. Stocker, MD, MPH

Allan Weissglass


President Emeritus

James R. Tallon, Jr.





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