UHF has been working to improve health care in New York since 1879. Here are some of the ways we're improving health and health care today. Sign up to learn more about these and related activities.

Since 2009, our Clinical Quality Fellowship Program has trained 260 clinicians from over 50 health care facilities across the New York metropolitan area, teaching them the skills they need to lead and champion quality improvement and patient safety efforts in their own organization.


Our Pediatrics for an Equitable Developmental Start Network is a learning community for pediatricians, including a 15-month fellowship program aimed at achieving better health and educational outcomes for New York’s children and to strengthen families. The network reached 57,500 children in 2021.

Our consumer guide to getting health insurance coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic included practical advice for those who lost jobs and insurance during the pandemic; it was disseminated widely and available in five languages.


We spotlighted the number of New Yorkers experiencing food insecurity during the pandemic. At the end of 2021, more than one in eight New Yorkers faced hunger, some 2.6 million people, including one out of five children and 75,000 adults over age 65. 

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