Every child deserves to grow up to be the best they can be.

But not every child gets a fair shot....

When a child comes into your practice who needs more than clinical care, what can you do?

United Hospital Fund aims to answer that question through the Pediatrics for an Equitable Developmental Start (PEDS) Learning Network, which works to promote healthy development, address unmet social and developmental needs, and strengthen families. If you are passionate about improving health equity and early childhood development and interested in exploring how to work collaboratively and effectively within your practice—and with communities—to meet these goals, please subscribe to our email newsletter today.

Buffalo, New York

Niagara Street Pediatrics is improving the lives, and the health, of its patients through its urban gardening initiative which provides families with a prescription for free fruits and vegetables. Patients can participate in the practice’s waiting room garden and learn about community gardens close to home.

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The COVID-19 Ripple Effect
Impact on children in New York

A seminal analysis estimating that COVID-19 has led to severe, long-lasting, and racially disparate repercussions on children in New York State. Conducted by UHF and Boston Consulting Group, the analysis estimates that between March and July 2020, 4,200 children experienced a parental death; and 325,000 children were pushed into or near poverty as a result of the pandemic’s economic downturn.

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