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Innovation Strategies

Pioneering Innovation
While our health care system faces complex challenges, there are reasons for optimism. Health care providers are changing the way they provide and coordinate care. Insurers are reorganizing the way they pay providers to reward more efficient care. And new health information technology is creating opportunities to make patient care safer and more efficient. These changes are transforming health care by creating a higher-performing health care system that provides better care and contains costs. The Fund has a unique role to play in advancing this transformation by working with health care providers, insurers, and policymakers. Read more.

Quality Improvement

Improving Quality and Patient Safety
Health care quality and safety challenges are critical to hospitals not only because they put patients at risk but also because they drive up operating costs. Here in New York, the Fund, with the Greater New York Hospital Association, is leading efforts to systematically prevent hospital-acquired infections and address other health care quality challenges, like improving childbirth safety for mother and infant and preventing avoidable hospital readmissions. Clinicians from 80 metropolitan-area hospitals have participated in one or more of these efforts, which have yielded significant results. We are also training the next generation of physician and nurse leaders to champion patient safety and quality improvement efforts at their own hospitals. Read more.

Aging in Place

Connecting Services to Support Seniors
Most older New Yorkers have multiple chronic conditions, go to several doctors, and take multiple medications, but still rate their health just “fair to poor.” With the data from the Fund’s Health Indicators survey administered to over 6,000 older New Yorkers, we are developing innovative programs to connect community-based organizations — senior centers, housing groups, churches, even beauty salons, and more — with health care providers to help seniors better manage their chronic conditions. Read more.

Family Caregiving

Supporting Family Caregivers to Improve Patient Care
Family caregivers play an essential role in coordinating care for those with serious, chronic health conditions. But family caregivers often don’t have the information they need to take on responsibility for assessing care options, navigating complex systems, managing medications, and providing hands-on care — difficult responsibilities that are often thrust upon them with little notice. While the Fund is providing family caregivers with the practical information they need, we are also collaborating with hospitals, nursing homes, and home care agencies to help professional staff work more effectively with family members, focusing on ensuring safer patient moves from one care setting to another. Read more.

Health Insurance Project

Expanding Health Insurance Coverage
Not only does health insurance help people pay for the health care services they need, it also provides financial stability for our hospitals and other health care providers. Securing insurance coverage for New York’s more than two million uninsured has long been a priority for the Fund, and while federal health care reform marks important progress, it also presents new issues. Taking the lead on these issues, the Fund’s experts are helping design the State’s new health insurance exchange, the marketplace opening in 2014 to make insurance more affordable for individuals and small businesses. The Fund is also a recognized go-to source for objective, accurate information on insurance coverage and the insurance industry. Read more.

Medicaid Institute

Making Medicaid More Effective and Less Costly
New York’s Medicaid program covers nearly five million of our state’s most vulnerable residents, including nearly two million children. But with an annual cost of $50 billion, it also carries a huge financial burden for the State. Based on our extensive analyses of New York’s Medicaid program, the Fund has become a trusted resource to assess the choices available as state policymakers reform the program and contain its costs by reorganizing how Medicaid beneficiaries — especially those with multiple and complex needs — receive care. Read more.

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