Frequently Asked Questions
about United Hospital Fund

What is the mission of United Hospital Fund?
United Hospital Fund works to build a more effective health care system for every New Yorker.

How do you accomplish your mission?
An independent, nonprofit organization, we analyze public policy to inform decision-makers, find common ground among diverse stakeholders, and develop and support innovative programs that improve the quality, accessibility, affordability, and experience of patient care.

What are your top program priorities?
UHF focuses its work around six priorities: expanding health insurance coverage, making Medicaid in New York more effective and less costly, improving health care quality and patient safety, supporting family caregivers to improve patient care, redesigning services to better meet the needs of the elderly and of high-cost patients with multiple chronic conditions, and innovating for a high-performance health care system.

Why do you give grants to other organizations?
Grantmaking is an important strategic tool that UHF uses to stimulate innovation and improvement in health care in New York. We award small grants within our six priority issue areas to develop new ideas and model projects, analyze systemic problems, and stimulate solutions. Not-for-profit and public hospitals, nursing homes, and health care, academic, and public interest organizations are eligible.

When was the organization founded?
UHF was founded by hospital trustees and other concerned New Yorkers in 1879 as an innovative approach to organizing charitable support for voluntary, nonprofit hospitals in New York City and to help solve shared problems.

Does UHF work locally or nationally?
UHF’s work is focused, although not exclusively so, on the New York City metropolitan area and New York State, but much of our work receives national attention and has national influence.

How is UHF different from the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA) and the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS)?
UHF is an independent organization, not a trade association. Both the Greater New York Hospital Association and the Healthcare Association of New York State are health care trade associations that advocate and lobby for the interests of their member hospitals and long-term care facilities. (UHF founded GNYHA, then called the Hospital Conference of New York, in 1904 to promote hospital collaboration in New York.)


Family Caregiving

Resources for family caregivers and health care providers are available at our Next Step in Care website.

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