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The Financial Condition of the Leading Academic Medical Centers in New York City and the Nation

Publication Date: 03.10.2010
Author: Steven Fass and Sean Cavanaugh

While academic medical centers have the best financial performance of any group of New York City hospitals, they have significantly lower margins than their peers in other states. This report examines the reasons driving this disparity, and compares data from four New York City academic medical centers to seventeen top academic medical centers elsewhere in the country.

Cost Sharing in New York's Health Insurance Market

Publication Date: 03.03.2010
Author: Bela Gorman, Don Gorman, and Peter Newell

This report examines the impact of cost sharing—deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance—on group health insurance premiums in New York, and the resulting out-of-pocket costs for enrollees.

Measuring Coverage for Seniors in Medicare Part A and Estimating the Cost of Making It Universal

Publication Date: 02.22.2010
Author: Michael Birnbaum and Elizabeth M. Patchias

In 2005, 1.6 million seniors—or 5 percent of the elderly U.S. population—were without a full federal Medicare Part A premium subsidy.

"Mutual Responsibility": A Study of Uninsured Immigrants' Perspectives on Health Insurance in New York City

Publication Date: 02.11.2010
Author: Maysoun Freij, Jenny Rejeske, Adam Gurvitch, Amanda Ferrandino, and Linda Weiss

This report describes the results of a study conducted by the New York Immigration Coalition, with grant support from the Fund, that explored the barriers to maintaining health insurance faced by immigrants in New York.

New York State and the Emerging Federal Health Care Reform Blueprint

Publication Date: 01.26.2010
Author: Danielle Holahan and Peter Newell

This report, prepared in anticipation of federal health care reform, examines how key reform issues present important new policy considerations for New York.

Bridging Troubled Waters

Publication Date: 01.08.2010
Author: Carol Levine, Deborah Halper, Ariella Peist, and David Gould

The January 2010 issue of Health Affairs features a United Hospital Fund staff-written article titled “Bridging Troubled Waters: Family Caregivers, Transitions, and Long-Term Care.

The Deteriorating Financial Condition of New York City's Nonprofit Hospitals, and Its Effect on Capital Investment

Publication Date: 12.14.2008
Author: Steven Fass and Sean Cavanaugh
Among the findings in this report, New York City hospitals are lagging hospitals nationwide in capital investment.

A Blueprint for Universal Health Insurance Coverage in New York

Publication Date: 12.17.2006
Author: Danielle Holahan, Elise Hubert, and Cathy Schoen

The first comprehensive analysis of the elements needed for universal health insurance in New York State, this major new Fund publication presents the costs and benefits of several model strategies for covering almost all of the State's uninsured and creating a more stable, affordable system for all.

Landmark Study Profiles Young Caregivers

Publication Date: 09.14.2005
Author: National Alliance for Caregiving / United Hospital Fund

As many as 1.4 million U.S. children provide care for an adult family member, according to a report from the United Hospital Fund and the National Alliance for Caregiving.

The Cultures of Caregiving

Publication Date: 04.15.2004
Author: Carol Levine and Thomas H. Murray

The Cultures of Caregiving brings together physicians, nurses, social workers, and policy experts to examine the differences and conflicts (and sometimes common ground) between family caregivers and healthcare professionals.

A Good Place to Grow Old

Publication Date: 01.21.2004
Author: Fredda Vladeck

This report, from the Fund's Aging in Place Initiative, describes a new model of care for the elderly: supportive service programs based in naturally occurring retirement communities. Exploring the programs, funding, and underlying partnerships of New York's NORC-SSPs, as they're called, the report also discusses the model's applicability to other communities throughout the country. Read the related  press release.

Results 121 - 131 of 131
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