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Networks in New York and the Affordable Care Act

Publication Date: 06.28.2013
Author: Peter Newell, Miriam Aziz, and Don Gorman

In anticipation of the launch of New York State’s health benefit exchange, this Fund report reviews the process state agencies use to determine the adequacy of health plan provider networks, and presents detailed data on actual Medicaid and HMO networks for different health plans around the state. Sixth in a series of reports about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Transitions in Care 2.0

Publication Date: 05.14.2013
Author: David A. Gould and Carol Levine

This document outlines ten recommendations designed to lay the foundation for health care professionals and administrators to work effectively with family caregivers.

Engaging Family Caregivers as Partners in Transitions

Publication Date: 05.14.2013
Author: Carol Levine, Deborah E. Halper, Jennifer L. Rutberg, and David A. Gould

This report highlights a three-year initiative to engage and support family caregivers as a core strategy for improving patient transitions from one care setting to another.

New York's Exchange Portal: A Gateway to Coverage for Immigrants

Publication Date: 05.01.2013
Author: Trilby de Jung and Barbara Weiner
This report, produced by the Empire Justice Center with grant support from the United Hospital Fund, explores the policies that guide immigrant access to health care.

Moving Toward Accountable Care in New York

Publication Date: 04.11.2013
Author: Gregory Burke

In moving away from fee-for-service payment arrangements, New York’s health system is experimenting with accountable care. This report explains how accountable care organizations (ACOs) work, the kinds of groups that can enter into accountable care contracts, the challenges they face, and the ways in which they will be able to succeed. It also includes detailed profiles of 12 different Medicare ACOs in New York, showing the wide range of approaches around the state.

Medicaid Managed Care for Children in Foster Care

Publication Date: 02.26.2013
Author: Melinda Dutton, Tony Fiori, Anne Karl, and Morissa Sobelson

This Medicaid Institute reports examines the different models through which New York State could implement care management for a group of high-need Medicaid beneficiaries: children in foster care.

Implementing Medicaid Health Homes in New York: Early Experience

Publication Date: 02.08.2013
Author: Elizabeth M. Patchias, Andrew Detty, and Michael Birnbaum

This Medicaid Institute report describes the initial stages of implementing New York State’s health home initiative, a care management and coordination vehicle for Medicaid enrollees with chronic conditions.

Integrating and Improving Care for Dual Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees: New York’s Proposed Fully Integrated Duals Advantage (FIDA) Program

Publication Date: 11.20.2012
Author: Sarah Samis, Andrew Detty, and Michael Birnbaum

This report from the Medicaid Institute at United Hospital Fund focuses on a proposed New York State program to better manage care of  beneficiaries who are enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid, commonly referred to as “duals.”

The Evolution of Patient-Centered Medical Homes in New York State: Current Status and Trends as of September 2012

Publication Date: 11.19.2012
Author: Gregory Burke

A 2012 update on the growth of the patient-centered medical home model in New York State, showing that the number of PCMHs rose by 42 percent from 2011, with growth varying by region and practice type.

Explain. Improve. Connect.

Publication Date: 10.17.2012

Explain, improve, connect: three imperatives for our time that also describe both the goals and substance of the Fund's work.

Home Alone: Family Caregivers Providing Complex Chronic Care

Publication Date: 10.01.2012
Author: Susan C. Reinhard, Carol Levine, and Sarah Samis

A joint report from the United Hospital Fund and the AARP Public Policy Institute presents the results of a national survey of 1,677 family caregivers. The report explores the complexity of tasks that caregivers provide and challenges the common perception of family caregiving as a set of personal care and household chores that most adults already do or can easily master.

Time and Again: Frequent Users of Emergency Department Services in New York City

Publication Date: 09.10.2012
Author: Maria Raven and David Gould

This issue brief examines patterns of New York City emergency department use at an individual level. It focuses on frequent users — those who made three or more emergency department visits in a year — and a subpopulation of “super-users,” who made five or more visits in each of three consecutive years. The brief examines the characteristics of these two groups, exploring how their patterns of emergency department use could inform the reshaping of health care services.

The Big Picture IV: New York's Private and Public Insurance Markets, 2010, and the Affordable Care Act

Publication Date: 08.21.2012
Author: Peter Newell, Allan Baumgarten, and Miriam Aziz

This fourth installment in the annual Big Picture series provides a detailed snapshot of 2010's enrollment and financial trends in New York's public and private insurance markets, examines the impact of the Affordable Care Act on those markets, and reviews some of the important policy questions and regulatory challenges ahead.

New York’s Medicare Marketplace

Publication Date: 06.27.2012
Author: Doug Goggin-Callahan

This report, prepared by the Medicare Rights Center, examines the impact of the Affordable Care Act and other policy changes on Medicare Advantage plans.

Financing Long-Term Care: New York's Limited Options and Medicaid's Vast Challenge

Publication Date: 06.04.2012
Author: Sarah Samis and Michael Birnbaum

An examination of how long-term care is financed nationally and in New York, with an analysis of the state’s private long-term care insurance market, opportunities presented by alternative financial products, and the pivotal role of default payer played by Medicaid.

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