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The Big Picture V: New York's Private and Public Insurance Markets, 2012

Publication Date: 05.07.2014
Author: Peter Newell and Allan Baumgarten

This edition in the Big Picture series provides a snapshot of New York’s public and private insurance markets in 2012, highlighting several shifts occurring in advance of the Affordable Care Act’s full implementation.

Family Caregivers Providing Complex Chronic Care to Their Spouses

Publication Date: 04.14.2014
Author: Susan C. Reinhard (AARP Public Policy Institute), Carol Levine (United Hospital Fund), and Sarah Samis (United Hospital Fund)

A report from the Fund and the AARP Public Policy Institute examining the wide range of medical/nursing tasks spousal caregivers perform and the lack of support they have for such tasks.

Home- and Community-Based Long-Term Care in New York's Medicaid Program: New Data on Service Use and Spending

Publication Date: 03.31.2014
Author: Sarah Samis

This data brief documents the shift of Medicaid home- and community-based services from fee-for service into managed care between 2010 and 2013. It presents regional differences in services and spending, and evaluates the growth in Medicaid managed long-term care and the corresponding decline in fee-for-service home- and community-based services, particularly in personal care use, reflecting an explicit policy goal of New York.

Mandatory Managed Long-Term Care in New York's Medicaid Program: Key Eligibility and Enrollment Issues

Publication Date: 03.31.2014
Author: Sarah Samis

This issue brief provides an overview of New York State’s mandatory Medicaid managed long-term care enrollment policy, which the State began implementing in 2012. It examines the growth in enrollment from 2010 to 2013, as well as growth by region and product line; and discusses key operational issues related to the major changes in eligibility and enrollment processes triggered by shifting high-need Medicaid beneficiaries from fee-for-service into managed care.

Great Expectations: New York Launches Its Affordable Care Act Marketplace

Publication Date: 01.17.2014
Author: Peter Newell

An early appraisal of New York’s health insurance exchange, examining the unprecedented collaboration that made the launch of the health benefit exchange possible and identifying ten issues to watch as it continues to enroll eligible New Yorkers.

Implementing and Disseminating a Fall Prevention Program in At-Risk Older Adults Living in a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community-Supportive Services Program

Publication Date: 12.19.2013
Author: Dale Chaikin, RN, MS, Renee Pekmezaris, PhD, Rajni Walia, MA, Corinne Kyriacou, PhD, Fredda Vladeck, LCSW, and Gayle Kolidas, LCSW

Published in a 2013 issue of the International Public Health Journal , this article examines the impact of a falls prevention program in a naturally occurring retirment community (NORC).

Advancing Patient-Centered Medical Homes in New York

Publication Date: 12.16.2013
Author: Gregory Burke

An issue brief examining the continued but slowing growth of the patient-centered medical home in New York, and the additional efforts needed to spread this model further.

Patient-Centered Medical Homes in New York: Updated Status and Trends as of July 2013

Publication Date: 12.16.2013
Author: Gregory Burke

A chartbook documenting the growth of the patient-centered medical home model in New York by region, practice type, and level of accreditation.

Employed Family Caregivers Providing Complex Chronic Care

Publication Date: 11.20.2013
Author: Susan C. Reinhard (AARP Public Policy Institute), Carol Levine (United Hospital Fund), and Sarah Samis (United Hospital Fund)

This report shows that employed family caregivers, despite their workplace obligations, perform many of the tasks that health care professionals do—a range of medical/nursing tasks including medication management, wound care, using meters and monitors, and more.

Making Change Work

Publication Date: 10.29.2013

The 2013 annual report explores how substantive, timely Fund initiatives continue our historic role of speaking to health care’s most important challenges and opportunities—and shaping a system that truly works for all.

New York's Nursing Homes: Shifting Roles and New Challenges

Publication Date: 08.05.2013
Author: Thomas H. Dennison

This report from the Medicaid Institute at United Hospital Fund examines nursing home trends in New York.

Reducing Cardiopulmonary Arrest Rates in a Three-Year Regional Rapid Response System Collaborative

Publication Date: 07.15.2013
Author: Mark J. Rosen, MD; Andrea J. Hoberman, MPH; Rafael E. Ruiz, PhD, ScM; Zeynep Sumer, MS; Hillary S. Jalon, MS
A Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety article reports on the work of the Fund/GNYHA Rapid Response System Collaborative in reducing cardiopulmonary arrest rates.

Networks in New York and the Affordable Care Act

Publication Date: 06.28.2013
Author: Peter Newell, Miriam Aziz, and Don Gorman

In anticipation of the launch of New York State’s health benefit exchange, this Fund report reviews the process state agencies use to determine the adequacy of health plan provider networks, and presents detailed data on actual Medicaid and HMO networks for different health plans around the state. Sixth in a series of reports about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Transitions in Care 2.0

Publication Date: 05.14.2013
Author: David A. Gould and Carol Levine

This document outlines ten recommendations designed to lay the foundation for health care professionals and administrators to work effectively with family caregivers.

Engaging Family Caregivers as Partners in Transitions

Publication Date: 05.14.2013
Author: Carol Levine, Deborah E. Halper, Jennifer L. Rutberg, and David A. Gould

This report highlights a three-year initiative to engage and support family caregivers as a core strategy for improving patient transitions from one care setting to another.

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