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The Next Wave: The Impact of Two New Proposed Mergers on New York’s Health Insurance Market

Publication Date: 03.24.2016
Author: Peter Newell and Nikhita Thaper

A Big Picture snapshot report examining two new proposed mergers of large health plans, focusing on the implications for New York markets.

A New Arena for Reducing Antibiotic Misuse: Outpatient Care

Publication Date: 03.24.2016
Author: Hillary Jalon and Anne-Marie Audet, M.D.

Health Affairs Blog reports on United Hospital Fund's new Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative.

Quality Collaborative, Winter 2016

Publication Date: 03.09.2016

This issue features highlights from the past year of the IMPACT to Reduce Readmissions Collaborative, featuring education to improve care transitions through more effective communication.

Short-Term Rehabilitation Services in an Inpatient Setting

Publication Date: 03.07.2016

This Next Step in Care guide provides need-to-know information about rehab, including types of settings and services, basic facts about paying for rehab, and what patients and family caregivers can expect from the transition from a hospital to a rehab setting or program.

After the Reinsurance Is Gone: A New Challenge for New York's Individual Market

Publication Date: 03.03.2016
Author: Peter Newell and Nikhita Thaper

A Big Picture snapshot report that examines the federal Transitional Reinsurance Program and what might provide premium-stabilizing effects after the program expires in 2016.

Health Care 2021: A Vision for New York

Publication Date: 02.17.2016

Held February 9, 2016, the conference "Health Care 2021,"  co-sponsored by United Hospital Fund and New York State Health Foundation, is summarized.

Blueprint, Winter 2016

Publication Date: 02.10.2016

A new UHF initiative is working to ensure that the unique health needs of children—especially those facing poverty and trauma—are integral to health care reform. Also in this issue: building true partnerships between community-based organizations and health care providers; support for parents of medically complex children; a new guide to tech products and apps aimed at family caregivers; expansion of UHF's antibiotic stewardship efforts; risk sharing between providers and payers; honoring health care leadership at the annual Gala; board news; and more.

Seizing the Moment: Strengthening Children's Primary Care in New York

Publication Date: 01.07.2016
Author: Suzanne Brundage

An analysis of New York’s momentous opportunity to improve the health and well-being of children through a renewed focus on early childhood development in primary care, with key considerations and challenges for scaling and sustaining effective innovations.

Levers of Change

Publication Date: 12.17.2015

This year's annual report highlights how UHF's strategic use of resources to target key levers of change is helping move health care reform from theory to reality, to create concrete improvements in the delivery of care—and in its outcomes—for all New Yorkers.

Navigating the New York State Value-Based Payment Roadmap

Publication Date: 11.23.2015
Author: Rob Houston, Katherine J. Heflin, and Tricia McGinnis

A guide distilling and explaining the New York State Roadmap for Medicaid Payment Reform, which lays out New York’s ambitious goals of moving toward value-based payment from a fee-for-service model.

Quality Collaborative, Fall 2015

Publication Date: 11.20.2015

The fall issue of Quality Collaborative features the first update since the launch of our Antimicrobial Stewardship Program, which is helping metropolitan-area hospitals to establish or improve their antibiotic management practices.

Setting the Stage for Payment Reform: Updating New York’s Regulations on Risk Transfers Between Health Plans and Providers

Publication Date: 11.17.2015
Author: Peter Newell, Chad Shearer, and Nikhita Thaper

A timely look at New York’s policies and regulations on risk-transfer agreements between insurance plans and health care providers, an increasingly common setup as the State continues to move toward value-based payment.

Redesigning Children’s Behavioral Health Services in New York’s Medicaid Program

Publication Date: 11.10.2015
Author: Elizabeth Patchias

This report gives an overview of the complex structure of New York Medicaid’s current services for children needing behavioral health services, reviews the State’s planned approach to reforming this system, and explores several important policy considerations for stakeholders as the reforms move forward.

Symposium Focuses on High-Performance Health Care Delivery

Publication Date: 10.23.2015

These presentations were featured components of the 2015 Symposium on Health Care Services in New York: Research and Practice, held October 20.

Recent Trends and Future Directions for the Medical Home Model in New York

Publication Date: 08.12.2015
Author: Greg Burke

Fourth in a series of reports monitoring the growth of the medical home model in New York, as measured by the number of practices recognized as Patient-Centered Medical Homes, this report examines factors associated with the model’s adoption and success and looks ahead toward Advanced Primary Care, a model that New York State is pursuing.

Results 76 - 90 of 241
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