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"Mutual Responsibility": A Study of Uninsured Immigrants' Perspectives on Health Insurance in New York City

Publication Date: 02.11.2010
Author: Maysoun Freij, Jenny Rejeske, Adam Gurvitch, Amanda Ferrandino, and Linda Weiss

This report describes the results of a study conducted by the New York Immigration Coalition, with grant support from the Fund, that explored the barriers to maintaining health insurance faced by immigrants in New York.

"Revisioning" Medicaid as Part of New York's Coverage Continuum

Publication Date: 01.07.2011
Author: Deborah Bachrach, Patricia Boozang, Melinda Dutton, and Danielle Holahan

Federal health care reform and new state Medicaid administration legislation can help New York achieve a radically streamlined, consumer-friendly eligibility and enrollment process for Medicaid and subsidized coverage options in the Exchange.  This report details the challenges of achieving that goal.

2019 Shaping Up as a Watershed Year for New York’s Individual Market as Federal Challenges and Uncertainty Continue

Publication Date: 10.08.2018
Author: Peter Newell and Mandy Miller

An update on New York's progress in bolstering its individual health insurance market in the face of federal challenges to the ACA.

A Blueprint for Universal Health Insurance Coverage in New York

Publication Date: 12.17.2006
Author: Danielle Holahan, Elise Hubert, and Cathy Schoen

The first comprehensive analysis of the elements needed for universal health insurance in New York State, this major new Fund publication presents the costs and benefits of several model strategies for covering almost all of the State's uninsured and creating a more stable, affordable system for all.

A Good Place to Grow Old

Publication Date: 01.21.2004
Author: Fredda Vladeck

This report, from the Fund's Aging in Place Initiative, describes a new model of care for the elderly: supportive service programs based in naturally occurring retirement communities. Exploring the programs, funding, and underlying partnerships of New York's NORC-SSPs, as they're called, the report also discusses the model's applicability to other communities throughout the country. Read the related  press release.

A Look Back—and Ahead: UHF’s Annual Report

Publication Date: 02.14.2018

UHF’s latest annual report highlights our work over the past year to build a more effective health care system for all New Yorkers.

A Multipayer Approach to Health Care Reform

Publication Date: 11.11.2010
Author: Sean Cavanaugh and Gregory Burke

This Fund report assesses the opportunities and challenges for multipayer collaborations to be critical agents of reform in health care delivery.

A New Arena for Reducing Antibiotic Misuse: Outpatient Care

Publication Date: 03.24.2016
Author: Hillary Jalon and Anne-Marie Audet, M.D.

Health Affairs Blog reports on United Hospital Fund's new Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative.

A Strategy for Expanding and Improving the Impact of the Medical Home Across New York City

Publication Date: 08.25.2016
Author: NYC Population Health Improvement Program

A strategic plan for New York City to adopt the medical home model, which improves health care quality, improves patients’ experience of care, and reduces avoidable emergency department visits and hospital admissions.

Accountable Care in New York State: Emerging Themes and Issues

Publication Date: 04.08.2015
Author: Greg Burke and Suzanne Brundage

Based on interviews with leaders of many New York Medicare ACOs, this report gives outlines the early experience of those ACOs, with particular attention to the implications of sponsorship type and previous investment in necessary infrastructure.

Advanced Primary Care (APC) Quality Improvement Resource Compendia

Publication Date: 06.05.2017

Supporting the quality improvement efforts of primary care practices in New York’s APC program, two compendia of resources cover the 26 quality measures of the APC Core Measure Set. 

Advanced Primary Care Core Measure Set

Publication Date: 05.15.2017

Aiding practices in New York State's Advanced Primary Care (APC) program, the APC Core Measure Set consists of 28 measures providing multipayer performance data across six domains.

Advancing Behavioral Health Integration for Small Primary Care Practices: Progress, Emerging Themes, and Policy Considerations

Publication Date: 05.30.2018
Author: Ekaterina Smali, MPH, MPA; Matthew L. Goldman, MD, MS; Harold Pincus, MD, MPH; Henry Chung, MD

At the midway point of a pioneering effort by small primary care practices in New York City and State to integrate behavioral health care into their practices using an innovative step-by-step approach, this report offers insights on the challenges and successes of that complex undertaking.

Advancing Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary Care: A Continuum-Based Framework

Publication Date: 06.07.2016
Author: Henry Chung, MD, Nina Rostanski, MPH, Hope Glassberg, MPA, and Harold Alan Pincus, MD

An innovative, step-by-step model guides small to medium-size practices through the intricacies of integrating behavioral health services into primary care, one of the major challenges in the drive toward "advanced primary care.

Advancing Patient-Centered Medical Homes in New York

Publication Date: 12.16.2013
Author: Gregory Burke

An issue brief examining the continued but slowing growth of the patient-centered medical home in New York, and the additional efforts needed to spread this model further.

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