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Blueprint, Fall/Winter 2018

Publication Date: 11.27.2018
<p>The lead story focuses on a groundbreaking UHF project examining the impact of parental opioid abuse on children&#39;s mental health, development, and family responsibilities. The article covers the inaugural meeting of the project, which brought together some 40 specialists from around the nation, and describes both the challenges and opportunities that they see. UHF president Tony Shih shares his thoughts about what the opioid crisis says about our health system in &quot;A Word with Tony Shih.&quot;&nbsp;Other articles in the issue spotlight UHF&#39;s Patient-Reported Outcomes in Primary Care-New York initiative, the dangers to New York&#39;s individual health insurance market if the individual mandate is repealed, our annual gala, and our newly released antibiotic toolkit for out...

Difficult Decisions About Post-Acute Care and Why They Matter

Publication Date: 11.15.2018
Author: Lynn Rogut and Pooja Kothari

First in a series of reports examining the challenges faced by patients and their families when arranging continued care after a hospital stay.

Antibiotic Stewardship for Acute Respiratory Infections: The Milstein Toolkit for Ambulatory Care Practices

Publication Date: 11.07.2018
Author: Joan Guzik and Pooja Kothari

A practical collection of tools for organizations developing outpatient antibiotic stewardship programs. Includes data collection tools and surveys, as well as overviews of interventions implemented, lessons learned, and other available resources.

2019 Shaping Up as a Watershed Year for New York’s Individual Market as Federal Challenges and Uncertainty Continue

Publication Date: 10.08.2018
Author: Peter Newell and Mandy Miller

An update on New York's progress in bolstering its individual health insurance market in the face of federal challenges to the ACA.

Antibiotic Prescribing for Acute Respiratory Infections in New York City: A Model for Collaboration

Publication Date: 09.25.2018
Author: Joan Guzik, Gopi Patel, Pooja Kothari, Misha Sharp, Belinda Ostrowsky, and the UHF Outpatient ASP Collaborative Team

Overview of a collaborative effort assessing the status of antibiotic prescribing in the ambulatory setting for adult patients with acute respiratory infections in New York City.

Blueprint, Summer 2018

Publication Date: 07.31.2018

Our cover story looks at the critical importance of health insurance coverage and access to care—and UHF’s role in supporting major advances and analyzing impending threats in New York State; Tony Shih considers whether asking if health care is improving is really the right question; Partnerships for Early Childhood Development moves on to improving referral and feedback processes for connecting at-risk children and families with needed services; UHF initiatives analyze and target antibiotic misprescribing and a host of other quality improvement challenges; a new report posits “shared services” as a way to help small primary care practices become medical homes; and much more.

Stable Housing, Stable Health: Addressing Housing Insecurity Through Medicaid Value-Based Payment

Publication Date: 07.26.2018
Author: Misha Sharp and Nathan Myers

A HealthWatch brief identifying NYC neighborhoods with high levels of housing insecurity, health care utilization, and Medicaid enrollment.

Clinical-Community Partnerships for Better Health

Publication Date: 07.12.2018
Author: Suzanne Brundage and Matlin Gilman

Observations and lessons from the first year of the learning collaborative and grant initiative called Partnerships for Early Childhood Development (PECD), which supports clinical-community partnerships to address social needs of children ages 0-5 and their families.

The Right Prescription: Assessing Potentially Inappropriate Use of Antibiotics Among New York’s Medicaid Population

Publication Date: 06.22.2018
Author: Misha Sharp, Kacie Dragan, and John Billings

To examine potentially inappropriate antibiotic prescribing in New York State’s Medicaid program and aid targeted reduction efforts, this Medicaid Institute brief reviews antibiotic prescriptions for Medicaid beneficiaries following acute respiratory infections.

NYC PHIP Small Practice Project

Publication Date: 06.14.2018
Author: NYC Population Health Improvement Program

A report from the New York City Population Health Improvement Program examining a shared-services model that could help small practices serve as medical homes and succeed in value-based payment arrangements.

The Other Shoe Drops: Federal Association Health Plan Regulation Is Next Threat to Coverage in New York

Publication Date: 06.08.2018
Author: Peter Newell

An examination of a proposed rule on association health plans, and how the regulation could destabilize New York's individual and small group markets.

Advancing Behavioral Health Integration for Small Primary Care Practices: Progress, Emerging Themes, and Policy Considerations

Publication Date: 05.30.2018
Author: Ekaterina Smali, MPH, MPA; Matthew L. Goldman, MD, MS; Harold Pincus, MD, MPH; Henry Chung, MD

At the midway point of a pioneering effort by small primary care practices in New York City and State to integrate behavioral health care into their practices using an innovative step-by-step approach, this report offers insights on the challenges and successes of that complex undertaking.

Quality Collaborative, Spring 2018

Publication Date: 05.16.2018

The cover story of this issue focuses on the Clinical Quality Fellowship Program--now 10 years old.

Blueprint, Spring 2018

Publication Date: 04.18.2018

Identifying and addressing patient needs is a theme running through the Spring 2018 Blueprint, with a cover story on two Quality Institute projects focused on patient-provider communication and health outcomes, and features on two other initiatives targeting patient's concerns and needs—New York State's First 1000 Days on Medicaid initiative, in which UHF plays a leadership role, and our own Partnerships for Early Childhood Development. Reinforcing the theme of effective clinical-community partnerships, Tony Shih's President's Letter speaks to the role of such collaborations in health care's "value equation." And a brief story on UHF's strategic "refresh" looks at how we're clarifying our mission.

A Look Back—and Ahead: UHF’s Annual Report

Publication Date: 02.14.2018

UHF’s latest annual report highlights our work over the past year to build a more effective health care system for all New Yorkers.

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