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Blueprint, Spring 2018

Publication Date: 04.18.2018

Identifying and addressing patient needs, and the social determinants of health that shape them, is a theme running through the Spring 2018 Blueprint, which highlights major Quality Institute and Children's Health Initiative projects and the critical importance of effective clinical-community partnerships.

Related initiatives: Clinical Quality Fellowship Program, Difficult Decisions About Post-Acute Care, Children's Health, Quality Improvement, Patient-Reported Outcomes in Primary Care-New York (PROPC-NY), Clinical Quality Fellowship Program

Blueprint, Fall-Winter 2017

Publication Date: 12.07.2017

UHF President Tony Shih discusses our newly articulated core values; our pioneering work to better serve elderly New Yorkers gains a broader audience; progress in our Partnerships for Early Childhood Development; and more...

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Blueprint, Summer 2017

Publication Date: 08.01.2017

An introduction to incoming UHF President Tony Shih, tributes to retiring UHF President Jim Tallon, Jim’s look back at the major trends in health care during his tenure, and more.

Related initiatives: Health Insurance Project, Public and Private Insurance Markets, Private Insurance Market, Quality Improvement, Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative, Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative, Antibiotic Stewardship Program, Managing Antibiotics, Antibiotic Stewardship Certification Program

Blueprint, Spring 2017

Publication Date: 04.24.2017

UHF’s Partnerships for Early Childhood Development initiative links primary care and social services agencies to identify and address social determinants of health that pose particular risks to children 5 and under. Also in this issue: the upending of a historic federal-state partnership on Medicaid; enlisting health care in preventing homelessness; the latest class of Clinical Quality Fellows; engaging family caregivers before patients’ hospital discharge; and much more.

Related initiatives: Innovation Strategies, Children's Health, Quality Improvement, Clinical Quality Fellowship Program, Managing Antibiotics, Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative, Family Caregiving, Antibiotic Stewardship Program, Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative

Blueprint, Fall/Winter 2016

Publication Date: 12.07.2016

Featured in this issue: eliciting family caregivers’ perspectives on their complex responsibilities, to shape better training materials for them; the uncertain new health care landscape; tailoring value-based payment measures to children’s needs; UHF’s annual Gala; and much more.

Blueprint, Summer 2016

Publication Date: 06.27.2016

Featured in this issue: a new framework to assist practices in integrating behavioral and mental health care and primary care; what it will take to define and fully implement "patient engagement"; promoting stronger provider/family caregiver partnerships; quality improvement advances; UHF's annual Tribute to Hospital Trustees; and much more.

Blueprint, Spring 2016

Publication Date: 04.15.2016

With the launch of the Quality Institute at United Hospital Fund, UHF is significantly expanding its decade-long health care quality activities. Also in this issue: essentials for a “golden age” of health care; addressing immigrants’ barriers to care; a new class of Clinical Quality Fellows; new tools for supporting seniors’ health; keeping insurance premiums stable; and more.

Blueprint, Winter 2016

Publication Date: 02.10.2016

A new UHF initiative is working to ensure that the unique health needs of children—especially those facing poverty and trauma—are integral to health care reform. Also in this issue: building true partnerships between community-based organizations and health care providers; support for parents of medically complex children; a new guide to tech products and apps aimed at family caregivers; expansion of UHF's antibiotic stewardship efforts; risk sharing between providers and payers; honoring health care leadership at the annual Gala; board news; and more.

Related initiatives: Innovation Strategies

Blueprint, Summer 2015

Publication Date: 07.27.2015

Pursuing broad adoption of “advanced primary care” is an ambitious part of New York State’s health agenda, and UHF is helping develop a strategic plan for promoting this model approach in New York City. Also in this issue: a renewed focus on child health; preventing infections in home care patients; understanding family caregivers’ needs and preferences for learning tools; promoting the safer use of antibiotics; saluting hospital trustees’ service; and new staff and board appointments.

Blueprint, Spring 2015

Publication Date: 04.02.2015

Together on Diabetes-NYC, the Fund's model community partnership that's helping seniors manage their chronic illness, marks a new phase. Plus: a Q&A on urgent care centers and retail clinics; a telehealth project that enlists home care aides; changes in the small group insurance market; the latest class of Clinical Quality Fellows; a new Fund board member; and much more.

Blueprint, Fall-Winter 2014

Publication Date: 12.16.2014

New York's Medicaid program is at the heart of the major reforms in the State's health care system, and the Fund's Medicaid Institute is playing a vital role in shaping those changes. This issue's cover story explores the Institute's work and expectations for the coming year. Plus: Jim Tallon on perceptions of health care reform, and features on the challenges of creating healthier behaviors, fighting "superbugs" through a new partnership, the annual Gala, and much more.

Blueprint, Summer 2014

Publication Date: 06.26.2014
The Fund's Preventable Hospital Readmission Initiative is helping create new practices and protocols to reduce avoidable readmissions among specific high-risk patient populations; this issue's cover story looks at the early experiences of four participating institutions. Plus: Jim Tallon on New York's model health care reforms; a hospital-based program offers family caregivers essential information and support; insurance market shifts documented; and much more.

Blueprint, Spring 2014

Publication Date: 03.19.2014

A first look at New York State of Health, the new health insurance marketplace; Jim Tallon on the importance of patients' experiences of our dramatically changing health care system; helping patients get the nonmedical services they need through Fund grant-supported Health Leads; patient-centered medical homes; reducing hospital readmissions; the Clinical Quality Fellowship Program; Together on Diabetes; the Hospital Auxilian and Volunteer Achievement Awards; new grants...and more, in the March 2014 Blueprint.

Related initiatives: Health Insurance Project, Public and Private Insurance Markets, Implementing Health Care Reform, Private Insurance Market, Innovation Strategies, Clinical Quality Fellowship Program, IMPACT to Reduce Readmissions Collaborative, Aging in Place, Together on Diabetes-NYC: A Community Control Project for Seniors, Voluntarism

Blueprint, Fall/Winter 2013

Publication Date: 12.16.2013

The fall/winter 2013 issue of Blueprint explores the Fund/GNYHA Clinical Quality Fellowship Program, an intensive training and mentoring experience that is creating a new generation of quality champions to lead patient safety and quality improvement efforts. Also featured: Jim Tallon on New York's long-term health care reform efforts; an innovative effort to treat depression within the primary care setting; the Fund's annual gala; and more news of the Fund's latest program initiatives.

Related initiatives: Implementing Health Care Reform, Quality Improvement, Clinical Quality Fellowship Program, Family Caregiving

Blueprint, Summer 2013

Publication Date: 07.01.2013

The Summer 2013 issue of Blueprint presents the Fund's new ten-point action agenda for improving transitions in care by creating effective partnerships with family caregivers, commentary by Jim Tallon, and news of other Fund programs and people.

Related initiatives: Aging in Place, Together on Diabetes-NYC: A Community Control Project for Seniors, Family Caregiving, Transitions in Care-Quality Improvement Collaborative, Palliative Care

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