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"Revisioning" Medicaid as Part of New York's Coverage Continuum

Publication Date: 01.07.2011
Author: Deborah Bachrach, Patricia Boozang, Melinda Dutton, and Danielle Holahan

Federal health care reform and new state Medicaid administration legislation can help New York achieve a radically streamlined, consumer-friendly eligibility and enrollment process for Medicaid and subsidized coverage options in the Exchange.  This report details the challenges of achieving that goal.

A Look Back—and Ahead: UHF’s Annual Report

Publication Date: 02.14.2018

UHF’s latest annual report highlights our work over the past year to build a more effective health care system for all New Yorkers.

A Multipayer Approach to Health Care Reform

Publication Date: 11.11.2010
Author: Sean Cavanaugh and Gregory Burke

This Fund report assesses the opportunities and challenges for multipayer collaborations to be critical agents of reform in health care delivery.

Annual Report 2017: Coverage and Access

Publication Date: 02.14.2018

Blueprint, Fall 2009

Publication Date: 12.07.2009
The latest issue of Blueprint presents an overview of the critical issue of expanding insurance coverage, commentary by Jim Tallon on the crisis in health care, and a host of features on Fund initiatives and events.

Blueprint, Fall/Winter 2010

Publication Date: 12.16.2010
This issue of Blueprint features a cover story on making health care reform work in an environment of fiscal constraints, a commentary by Jim Tallon framing the Affordable Care Act, and a host of articles on Fund initiatives, grants, and events.

Blueprint, Spring 2013

Publication Date: 03.25.2013

The Spring 2013 issue of Blueprint spotlights the Fund's quality improvement partnerships; offers commentary by Jim Tallon; celebrates hospital auxilians and volunteers; and highlights the latest Fund news.

Blueprint, Spring/Summer 2012

Publication Date: 06.11.2012
The Spring/Summer 2012 Blueprint looks at how the Fund is advancing health care innovation, offers commentary by Jim Tallon, and features news on the latest Fund projects and events.

Blueprint, Summer 2018

Publication Date: 07.31.2018

Our cover story looks at the critical importance of health insurance coverage and access to care—and UHF’s role in supporting major advances and analyzing impending threats in New York State; Tony Shih considers whether asking if health care is improving is really the right question; Partnerships for Early Childhood Development moves on to improving referral and feedback processes for connecting at-risk children and families with needed services; UHF initiatives analyze and target antibiotic misprescribing and a host of other quality improvement challenges; a new report posits “shared services” as a way to help small primary care practices become medical homes; and much more.

Blueprint, Winter 2012

Publication Date: 02.06.2012
The Winter 2012 issue of Blueprint features a first look at the Fund's new Preventable Hospital Readmissions Initiative, commentary by Jim Tallon, and more.

Building a More Effective Health Care System for Every New Yorker

Publication Date: 12.07.2016

This year’s annual report focuses on how UHF’s initiatives are addressing the challenges of a changing health care landscape and having a real impact on the quality, accessibility, affordability, and patient experience of health care.

Emergency Department Use in Brooklyn by Neighborhood

Publication Date: 09.22.2011
Author: Michael Birnbaum

This United Hospital Fund presentation to members of New York State's Medicaid Redesign Team on September 21, 2011, examines emergency department use in 11 distinct Brooklyn communities.

Enrolling Childless Adults in Medicaid

Publication Date: 10.11.2010
Author: Danielle Holahan

A Medicaid Institute report outlining health care reform's opportunities and incentives for states to extend Medicaid eligibility to more childless adults. New York's experience with this population is relevant to other states that will extend eligibility to it for the first time. The Affordable Care Act's significant financial incentives and new opportunities to streamline enrollment may also help New York meet its own enrollment challenges.

Explain. Improve. Connect.

Publication Date: 10.17.2012

Explain, improve, connect: three imperatives for our time that also describe both the goals and substance of the Fund's work.

Financing Long-Term Care: New York's Limited Options and Medicaid's Vast Challenge

Publication Date: 06.04.2012
Author: Sarah Samis and Michael Birnbaum

An examination of how long-term care is financed nationally and in New York, with an analysis of the state’s private long-term care insurance market, opportunities presented by alternative financial products, and the pivotal role of default payer played by Medicaid.

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