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Building a More Effective Health Care System for Every New Yorker

Publication Date: 12.07.2016

This year’s annual report focuses on how UHF’s initiatives are addressing the challenges of a changing health care landscape and having a real impact on the quality, accessibility, affordability, and patient experience of health care.

Hospital Watch Vital Signs, November 2011

Publication Date: 11.30.2011
In the first half of 2011, the New York City hospital inpatient census fell by 1.9 percent, while emergency department visits increased by 2.2 percent. This new issue of Hospital Watch Vital Signs reports on measures of city hospital utilization, finances, and staffing through June 2011.

Hospital Watch Vital Signs, May 2011

Publication Date: 06.08.2011
In 2010, inpatient volume in New York City hospitals fell by 2.2 percent citywide, with declines in admissions concentrated among hospitals in financial distress. This issue of Hospital Watch Vital Signs also reports on other measures of financial stability in the city’s hospitals.

Hospital Watch, February 2011

Publication Date: 02.23.2011
Author: Steven Fass and Sean Cavanaugh
This report finds a small improvement in the financial condition of the city’s nonprofit hospitals between 2006 and 2009, but this improvement was not experienced uniformly or by all, with safety net hospitals in particular experiencing severe financial distress.

Hospital Watch Vital Signs, December 2010

Publication Date: 12.22.2010
According to this issue of Hospital Watch Vital Signs, which tracks trends through June 2010, the number of discharges from New York City hospitals dropped by 4 percent in the first half of the year—almost entirely the result of three recent hospital closures. Despite those closures, full-time-equivalent staff declined by less than 1 percent citywide; excluding the three hospitals that closed, hospital staffing levels rose slightly.

Hospital Watch Vital Signs, May 2010

Publication Date: 06.10.2010
According to this issue, which tracks trends through December 2009, the number of emergency department visits grew by 3.8 percent citywide in 2009.

The Financial Condition of the Leading Academic Medical Centers in New York City and the Nation

Publication Date: 03.10.2010
Author: Steven Fass and Sean Cavanaugh

While academic medical centers have the best financial performance of any group of New York City hospitals, they have significantly lower margins than their peers in other states. This report examines the reasons driving this disparity, and compares data from four New York City academic medical centers to seventeen top academic medical centers elsewhere in the country.

The Deteriorating Financial Condition of New York City's Nonprofit Hospitals, and Its Effect on Capital Investment

Publication Date: 12.14.2008
Author: Steven Fass and Sean Cavanaugh
Among the findings in this report, New York City hospitals are lagging hospitals nationwide in capital investment.

8 Results
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