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Health Care Reform Act Renewal

Publication Date: 02.23.2005
Author: James R. Tallon

In testimony before the New York State Assembly Health and Insurance Committees, United Hospital Fund president Jim Tallon recommended a two-year reauthorization of the Health Care Reform Act, with the commitment that the period be used to subject HCRA's underlying financial dynamics and programmatic outcomes to further scrutiny.

Characteristics of Uninsured Workers in New York

Publication Date: 01.28.2005
Author: Danielle Holahan

At the January 21, 2005, Health Insurance Coverage Roundtable Meeting, Danielle Holahan, of the United Hospital Fund, discussed New York's uninsured, including the facts that most uninsured workers are low-income and/or work for small firms from a broad range of inductries.

Electronic Applications Present Opportunities to Improve Enrollment into New York's Public Health Insurance Programs

Publication Date: 12.14.2004
Author: Prepared for the United Hospital Fund by the Lewin Group (Lisa Chimento, Anna Theisen-Olson, and Maya Bhat)

This study, prepared by the Lewin Group for the United Hospital Fund, analyzes the process for applying to several public health insurance programs in New York City and determines how automation might improve that process.

Bringing Information Technology Innovation to New York's Public Health Insurance Programs

Publication Date: 12.14.2004
Author: Michael Birnbaum and Kathryn Haslanger

New information technology, linked with promising policy changes and strategies, can simplify complicated application, enrollment, and renewal procedures, bringing coverage to hundreds of thousands of eligible-but-uninsured New Yorkers. This new issue brief assesses recent developments and previews new opportunities for the city.

The Fund at 125

Publication Date: 12.13.2004

At the Fund's 125-year milestone anniversary, a look back at a quarter-century of changes in New York and its health care system — and the Fund's role in responding to, and shaping, that change.

Beyond One Hip Fracture at a Time

Publication Date: 11.17.2004
Author: Fredda Vladeck

Arguing that the conceptual model underpinning current services for older people is outmoded, this article, which appeared in the Journal of Gerontological Social Work, proposes an alternative approach to the construction of community-based services.

Health Insurance Coverage Among Workers and Their Dependents in New York, 2001-2002

Publication Date: 11.09.2004
Author: Danielle Holahan, Elise Hubert, John Holahan, and Linda Blumberg
Solutions to the problem of New York's 3 million uninsured must include low-income workers and their dependents. The new data book provides data on the characteristics and coverage patterns of the uninsured, as a first step toward developing specific proposals to cover them.

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage for Low-Income Beneficiaries

Publication Date: 09.16.2004
Author: Kathryn Haslanger, with Danielle Holahan and Fredda Vladeck

This issue brief summarizes the broad outlines of Medicare Part D outpatient prescription drug coverage and identifies issues for New York policymakers as Part D rules and practices are developed in preparation for implementation in 2005.

Annual Report 2003-04

Publication Date: 09.15.2004
The United Hospital Fund's 2003-04 annual report is available as a pdf file.

Lessons from States with Self-Declaration of Income Policies

Publication Date: 09.03.2004
Author: Danielle Holahan and Elise Hubert
Based on a survey of officials in 12 states, this working paper explores one particularly promising strategy for simplifying public health insurance programs: allowing applicants to attest to their income instead of submitting documents, such as pay stubs or tax statements, to prove their income levels.

Health Care Annual, 2004 Update

Publication Date: 08.20.2004
Author: Toni Heisler
This annual publication presents detailed service information on hospitals in southern New York, along with information on diagnostic and treatment centers in New York City. It permits the study of system-wide developments as well as of the performance of individual facilities in relation to their peers.

Bioethics Mediation

Publication Date: 08.18.2004
Author: Nancy Neveloff Dubler and Carol B. Liebman

While this edition is sold out, a new revised and expanded edition is scheduled to be published in August 2011. For more information, please visit Vanderbilt University Press.
"Required reading for bioethics consultants and members of ethics committees," says The Lancet (8/21/2004) of this new book by Nancy Neveloff Dubler and Carol B. Liebman. The book provides the theory, practice, and reality-based tools needed to resolve the medical care disputes entangling patients, family members, physicians, and other health care professionals today.

State Profile of New York

Publication Date: 08.08.2004
Author: Adam Safir and Harold Leibovitz

This new data publication provides information on health insurance, access to and use of health services, health status, public program enrollees, economic security, child and family well-being, and child care, with data on both children and adults in New York State and the nation as a whole.

Health Insurance Coverage in New York, 2002

Publication Date: 05.05.2004
Author: Danielle Holahan, Alex Ely, Kathryn Haslanger, Michael Birnbaum, and Elise Hubert
This May 2004 publication presents a snapshot of the uninsured in New York, using the most recent data. It provides information on the uninsured by income, employment status, age, race/ethnicity, and citizenship status. It also includes data on health insurance coverage for workers and trends in public health insurance coverage in New York City.

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