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Issues and Options for Reforming New York's Private Insurance Markets

Publication Date: 05.11.2007
At this Fund-sponsored roundtable, held in May 2007, national experts on insurance market regulation, state regulators, insurance company CEOs, brokers, and consumer advocates came together for a clear-eyed look at New York's individual, small group, and Healthy New York program markets. Roundtable highlights are available.

Gaps in Coverage Among the Elderly in New York

Publication Date: 04.03.2007
Author: Danielle Holahan and Sara Folit-Weinberg

While nearly all the elderly have at least one source of health insurance coverage, primarily Medicare, many are underinsured—a situation with implications for them and for the state's Medicaid program.

NYeC Health Information Exchange Summit

Publication Date: 03.18.2007
Presentations from the March 16, 2007, NYeC Summit on policy issues related to privacy and security in health information exchange.

Hospital Watch, March 2007

Publication Date: 03.12.2007
Author: Sharon Salit and Ewa Wojas
The March 2007 issue of Hospital Watch documents admissions to New York City hospital by non-city residents.

Blueprint, Winter 2007

Publication Date: 03.12.2007
In This Issue: Fund Points Way to Universal Health Insurance Coverage; Teaching the ABCs of Pregnancy--in Chinese; Rapid Response: Life-Saving Focus on High-Risk Patients; Conference Sparks Focus on Health Care Costs; and more.

The Health Care Reform Imperative

Publication Date: 03.11.2007

The budget process forces a focus on fundamental issues, and offers a chance for decisions critical to real health care reform, says Fund President Jim Tallon, in his latest Blueprint editorial.

Growing Focus on Privacy and Security Policies

Publication Date: 01.23.2007

A new initiative is working to address key policy challenges in making personal health information accessible electronically—while protecting privacy and security. The new issue of Qual-IT presents key findings of its first interim report.

Person-Centered Care: A New Approach

Publication Date: 01.21.2007

With a new perspective genuinely centered on the individual, we can transform our system to manage the totality of care, says Fund president Jim Tallon, in his latest Blueprint editorial.

Presentation of “Medicaid Spending in New York: Trends and Patterns, 2000-2005”

Publication Date: 12.29.2006
Author: Michael Birnbaum

Delivered at the Fund’s December 2006 "Dollars and Sense" conference, this presentation analyzes growth in enrollment and spending in New York’s Medicaid program from 2000 to 2005.  As explained in the Medicaid Institute™’s subsequently published Medicaid in New York: A Primer, the unprecedented increase in enrollment among children and adults was not the primary driver of Medicaid cost growth over this period.

A Comparison of Health Insurance Coverage Expansion Strategies in New York and Massachusetts

Publication Date: 12.21.2006

At the December 18, 2006, Health Insurance Coverage Roundtable Meeting, United Hospital Fund President James R. Tallon, Jr., provided this New York-and-Massachusetts comparison of health insurance coverage expansion strategies.

Presentation of "Blueprint for Universal Health Insurance Coverage in New York"

Publication Date: 12.21.2006
Author: Danielle Holahan and Cathy Schoen

At the December 18, 2006, Health Insurance Coverage Roundtable Meeting, Danielle Holahan, of the United Hospital Fund, and
Cathy Schoen, of The Commonwealth Fund, discussed the contents of their landmark report A Blueprint for Universal Health Insurance Coverage in New York


Filling the Gaps

Publication Date: 12.19.2006
Author: Andy Cohen, Melinda Dutton, Patricia Boozang, Julie Hudman, Greg Woods

Prepared for the United Hospital Fund by Manatt Health Solutions, this paper examines the ways in which three New York State-based programs—Medicaid, Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC), and the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)—are interacting with the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit, and it provides a number of recommendations.

Hospital Watch Vital Signs, December 2006

Publication Date: 12.17.2006
The latest issue of Hospital Watch tracks trends and key performance indicators through June 2006.

Understanding the New State/County Paradigm

Publication Date: 12.17.2006
Author: Deborah Bachrach, Esq., and Mira S. Burghardt, Esq.

With the new cap on the local share of Medicaid costs, it is New York State that will absorb the fiscal impact of all future changes to the program—and face unprecedented pressures, both fiscal and political, as a result, explains this new Medicaid Institute™ report.

Administration of Medicaid in New York State

Publication Date: 12.17.2006
Author: Deborah Bachrach, Esq., Karen Lipson, Esq., and Kalpana Bhandarkar

The administration of Medicaid in New York is dispersed among multiple agencies, with no single entity controlling more than a portion of the program. A groundbreaking Medicaid Institute™ study analyzes the program's organization, and its implications.

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