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Hospital Watch Vital Signs, June 2008

Publication Date: 06.11.2008
The number of full-time-equivalent staff at New York City hospitals increased 2.9 percent in 2007, following much smaller rises in 2005 and 2006.

Health Insurance Coverage in New York, 2005-2006

Publication Date: 06.01.2008
Author: Allison Cook, Danielle Holahan, and Aimee Williams

Newly updated and expanded with 2005-2006 data, the Fund's annual chartbook provides an invaluable snapshot of the uninsured in New York—detailing income, employment status, age, and other demographic information, tracking the coverage distribution among workers and low-income New Yorkers, and estimating the number of uninsured New Yorkers who are eligible for public health insurance.

Streamlining Renewal in Medicaid and SCHIP

Publication Date: 05.27.2008
Author: Andrea Cohen, Melinda Dutton, Kerry Griffin, Gregory Woods (Manatt Health Solutions)

This report examines lessons from eight other states regarding options to streamline the annual renewal process for beneficiaries of public health insurance.

Health Care Reform: Setting Up the Next Debate

Publication Date: 05.26.2008
Author: Jim Tallon
James Tallon, president of the United Hospital Fund, delivered a presentation—“Healthcare Reform: Setting up the Next Debate”—on March 28, at the Harpur Forum breakfast in Binghamton. The text of Mr. Tallon's presentation is available.

Presentation of “Electronic Medicaid Enrollment in New York: Vision, Opportunities, and Challenges”

Publication Date: 05.23.2008
Author: Michael Birnbaum

Based on a United Hospital Fund initiative and its report from 2004 Bringing Information Technology Innovation to New York's Public Health Insurance Programs, this presentation explores the potential benefits of electronic applications for New York’s Medicaid program.  

Presentation of “Health Care Financing Challenges for 2009 and Beyond”

Publication Date: 04.25.2008
Author: Michael Birnbaum

This presentation examines the major challenges related to financing health care in the United States and considers implications for New York’s Medicaid program.

Public Program Simplification and Expansion

Publication Date: 04.18.2008

Presentation highlights are available from a roundtable discussion hosted by the Fund on April 11, 2008, focused on public program simplification and expansion.

Presentation of "New York's Eligible but Uninsured"

Publication Date: 04.18.2008
Author: Danielle Holahan

At the April 11, 2008, Health Insurance Coverage Roundtable Meeting, Danielle Holahan, of the United Hospital Fund, provided an overview of New Yorkers who are uninsured despite being eligible for public coverage, as well as exploring why they are not enrolled.

Hospital Watch, April 2008

Publication Date: 04.14.2008
This issue of Hospital Watch presents the first ever analysis of emergency department use in New York City at the neighborhood level, drawn from new state Department of Health data.

New York's Eligible but Uninsured

Publication Date: 03.30.2008
Author: Danielle Holahan, Allison Cook, Leslie Powell

This report focuses on the 40 percent of uninsured New Yorkers under age 65 who are already eligible for an existing public health insurance program.

Offer, Eligibility, and Take-Up Rates of Employer-Sponsored Coverage in New York, 2005

Publication Date: 03.30.2008
Author: Danielle Holahan

This report examines the workers and their dependents who account for nearly 80 percent of the uninsured in New York State.

Hospital Watch, February 2008

Publication Date: 03.24.2008
This report documents growth in ambulatory care in New York City and price sensitivity that may affect the availability of such services.

Medicaid in New York: A Primer:
Revised and Updated 2008

Publication Date: 03.18.2008
Author: Michael Birnbaum

This expanded version of the first publication created through the Fund's Medicaid Institute™ offers the latest information on eligibility rules, beneficiaries, covered benefits, spending patterns, and major challenges, as well as new analysis to provide greater context.

Medicaid Managed Care Reexamined

Publication Date: 03.18.2008
Author: Michael Sparer, JD, PhD

This publication is the most comprehensive independent report produced in recent years examining the status of managed care for Medicaid beneficiaries in New York.

Blueprint, Winter 2008

Publication Date: 03.06.2008
The latest issue of the Fund's newsletter spotlights the Fund/GNYHA's groundbreaking, multi-year, multi-hospital quality and safety initiative, an innovative program helping teens and young adults get fit, a report on the diverse challenges facing New York's nursing homes, and more.

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