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Hospital Watch Vital Signs, May 2009

Publication Date: 04.01.2009
The number of New York City hospital discharges fell by 1.5 percent in 2008, the first such drop since 2000. This issue, which tracks trends through December 2008, also reports year-over-year changes in hospital utilization, staffing, and finances.

Hard Times and Health Insurance

Publication Date: 03.03.2009
Author: Peter Newell and Mark Scherzer, Esq.

In response to the growing number of New Yorkers who risk losing health insurance coverage in the current troubled economy, this guide--the first to help New Yorkers understand how to benefit from the COBRA premium assistance enacted in early 2009--presents practical advice on state and federal protections, and how to exercise them. 

Coverage and Managed Care Enrollment Patterns among Long-Term Beneficiaries in New York's Medicaid Program

Publication Date: 01.05.2009
Author: Elizabeth Patchias and Michael Birnbaum

This report examines the stability of Medicaid coverage and Medicaid managed care enrollment of adults and children in New York City over a four-year period.

Automated Renewal: Strategies to Maintain Coverage of Eligible Children in Medicaid and Child Health Plus

Publication Date: 01.05.2009
Author: Melinda Dutton, Kerry Griffin, and Andrea Cohen

This report analyzes the potential to enact continuous Medicaid coverage for children in New York State.

Hospital Watch Vital Signs, December 2008

Publication Date: 12.23.2008
In the first half of 2008, for the first time in the ten years during which Hospital Watch has been tracking hospital utilization, the average length of stay did not decline -- it remained flat.


Publication Date: 10.22.2008

The United Hospital Fund's 2008 annual report looks at the Fund's focal areas in a new way, moving from the specifics of meeting health care needs to broader issues of improving the health care system.

Merging the Markets

Publication Date: 10.14.2008
Author: Gorman Actuarial, LLC

This study provides some insights into the profile of New York's commercial market for individuals and small businesses, and a clear-eyed look at one approach to shoring up New York's neglected Direct Pay market.

Managing Care for High-Cost Elderly Duals

Publication Date: 10.14.2008
Author: Michael Birnbaum, Leslie Powell

This analysis considers a cohort of about 259,000 elderly individuals enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid, focusing on the high-cost 20 percent who account for some $3.5 billion in Medicaid spending annually.

Reconsidering Community Health Planning for New York City

Publication Date: 08.05.2008
Author: Sean Cavanaugh and James R. Tallon, Jr.

While interest is growing in recreating community health planning, there is almost universal dissatisfaction with the direction of previous efforts. This issue brief reviews the history of health planning in New York and looks for lessons to guide policy development in this area.

Quality Collaborative, Summer 2008

Publication Date: 08.04.2008
The Summer 2008 issue of Quality Collaborative includes articles on the collaborative model, the Perinatal Safety Collaborative, and the Rapid Response System Collaborative, as well as a gust column by NSLIJ president Michael J. Dowling.

Medicaid in 2008 and Beyond: Challenges and Prospects

Publication Date: 07.30.2008

Presentations are available from this July 2008 conference, which examined a range of challenges facing New York's Medicaid program and prospects for reform. Panels of experts addressed coverage expansion, long-term care, and managed care. Perspectives from the public sector were also featured.

Testimony of Jim Tallon Before the Planning Committee of the State Hospital Review and Planning Council

Publication Date: 07.27.2008
United Hospital Fund President Jim Tallon testified before the Planning Committee of the State Hospital Review and Planning Council on July 23, 2008, regarding the future of health planning and the certificate of need (CON) process. His testimony is available.

Blueprint, Summer 2008

Publication Date: 07.15.2008
This issue of Blueprint reports on the Fund’s work in helping Medicaid reshape itself, a comprehensive neighborhood-based approach to addressing asthma, and anew initiative targeting a deadly hospital-acquired infection.

Reforming New York's Medicaid Eligibility Process

Publication Date: 07.07.2008
Author: Barbara Coulter Edwards, Vernon K. Smith, PhD, and Greg Moody<br>Health Management Associates, Inc.

This Medicaid Institute report draws from the experience of selected states that have undertaken improvements in their Medicaid eligibility systems and processes, and identifies lessons that New York might consider as it seeks to improve its own Medicaid eligibility process.

Presentation of "Medicaid Managed Care for Persons with Severe Mental Illness in New York : Challenges and Implications"

Publication Date: 06.13.2008
Author: Michael Birnbaum

Delivered at the Third National Medicaid Congress in Washington, DC, this presentation reviews the findings and policy implications from the Medicaid Institute™ report Medicaid Managed Care for Persons with Severe Mental Illness: Challenges and Implications.

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