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New York City Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment Atlas

Publication Date: 01.15.2002
Author: Timothy Prinz, Gabrielle Berger, Jessica Kovac, Kristin Ryan, and Kathryn Haslanger

This data resource presents citywide and zip-code-level information on Medicaid managed care eligibility and enrollment in New York City as of June 1997. City and borough maps show the geographic distribution of each plan's enrollees and the percentage of Medicaid beneficiaries enrolled in managed care, and tables provide program eligibility and plan enrollment statistics by aid category, as well as total enrollment, for 175 zip codes, each borough, and citywide.

A Survey of Family Caregivers

Publication Date: 01.15.2002
Author: Carol Levine, Alexis Kuerbis, David A. Gould, Maryam Navaie-Waliser, Penny Hollander Feldman, and Karen Donnelan

This special report, written with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, describes the findings from a survey of New York City caregivers. The report details the kinds of assistance caregivers want and need and how they themselves assess their caregiving burdens and satisfactions. The survey yielded compelling insights into family caregivers' lives and tasks, and suggests broad areas for training, support, and further research.

Hospital Watch, issues from 1998 to 2005

Publication Date: 01.15.2002
A quarterly update on trends and key performance indicators on the operations and finances of acute care hospitals in New York City.

Voices of Decision in Nursing Homes

Publication Date: 01.15.2002
Author: Mathy Mezey & Nancy Dubler
This publication addresses one of the most challenging issues facing nursing home administrators and clinicians: how to support end-of-life decision making among nursing home residents whose ability to make decisions fluctuates, is unclear, or is completely and permanently absent.

Uninsured Workers and Their Access to Employer-Sponsored Insurance in New York State, 1995-1999

Publication Date: 01.15.2002
Author: Kenneth Thorpe and Curtis Florence
This analysis looks at New York State workers who work for a firm that does not offer health insurance; those who, despite working for a firm that offers insurance, are not eligible' and those who are offered insurance and are eligible to participate, but who refuse coverage. The report covers 1995 through 1999.

The Tuberculosis Revival

Publication Date: 01.15.2002
Author: Nancy Dubler, Ronald Bayer, Sheldon Landesman, Amanda White, David J. Rothman, Robert B. Greifinger, Sheila M. Rothman
This report, the product of a distinguished working group, examines the ethical and legal issues that must guide a response to the tuberculosis epidemic. This information is supplemented by case studies and background materials related to the resurgence of tuberculosis in New York City.

Hospital Markets, Policy Change, and Access to Care for Low-Income Populations in New York City

Publication Date: 01.15.2002
Author: Timothy Prinz, Kathryn Haslanger, Derek DeLia, Steven Fass, and Sharon Salit
This paper examines the impact of policy and market forces on the ways hospitals finance and deliver health care, with particular attention to the ability of hospitals to subsidize care for patients who are poor or uninsured.

Medicaid Eligibility and Welfare Reform in New York City

Publication Date: 01.15.2002
Author: Megan Toohey and Kathryn Haslanger
This paper describes how recent declines in Medicaid enrollment coincide with welfare reform efforts at the city, state, and federal levels. In addition to presenting a detailed analysis of the policy changes and caseload declines, it includes recommendations for ensuring that those who are eligible for Medicaid (but not necessarily for cash assistance) get the health coverage they are entitled to.

Proposals to Simplify, Equalize, and Expand Health Care Coverage for Uninsured Working New Yorkers

Publication Date: 01.15.2002
Author: Anne Erickson and Ellen Yacknin
This report outlines a number of steps New York can take to continue its efforts to expand health coverage for low-income working New Yorkers.

Who Purchases Individual Insurance?

Publication Date: 01.15.2002
Author: Kenneth Thorpe and Curtis Florence
This report examines the individual insurance market and its role as an important source of coverage for workers in New York State, since New Yorkers, particularly those in firms with fewer than 25 employees, are less likely than U.S. residents in general to have employer-sponsored coverage.

Child Health Plus

Publication Date: 01.14.2002
Author: Maura Bluestone and Jared Rosenthal

This report is based on research conducted by The Bronx Health Plan with the support of a United Hospital Fund grant. The study sought to determine the impact of legislation that expanded the number of services covered by Child Health Plus and introduced monthly premiums for a portion of enrollees.

An Unfinished Revolution

Publication Date: 01.14.2002
Author: Emily Friedman

This 16-chapter book describes women's special contributions to health care in the United States and takes a hard look at the challenges that remain, providing perspectives on women's roles as consumers of health services, health care professionals, research subjects, informal caregivers, and health care leaders.

Implementing Express Lane Eligibility in New York State

Publication Date: 01.14.2002
Author: Deborah Bachrach, Katherine Lee Yang, Clarke Bruno, and Anthony Tassi

This study evaluates the feasibility of using government benefit programs operating in New York State to identify and enroll low-income uninsured children into the state's Medicaid or Child Health Plus (CHP) programs.

Inside Medicaid Managed Care Contracts in New York City

Publication Date: 01.14.2002
Author: Megan Toohey, Kathryn Haslanger, and Alicia Fagan

This report examines New York's Medicaid managed care contracts in order to understand the Medicaid program's expectations, and plan's obligations, for the organization of health care services for enrolled beneficiaries, with particular emphasis on accessibility and coordination of services.

Linking Public and Private: Options for Buying In to Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Coverage with Medicaid and S-CHIP Funds

Publication Date: 01.14.2002
Author: Danielle Holohan and Kathryn Haslanger

This paper explores New York's options for buying-in to employer sponsored health insurance coverage with Medicaid and S-CHIP funds to help low-income workers access and keep health care coverage.

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