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Making Change Work

Publication Date: 10.25.2000

The United Hospital Fund’s 2013 annual report highlights our distinctive role in this time of far-reaching change in our health care system.

Difficult Decisions About Post-Acute Care and Why They Matter

Publication Date: 11.14.2000
Author: Lynn Rogut and Pooja Kothari

First in a series of reports examining the challenges faced by patients and their families when arranging continued care after a hospital stay.

Better Jobs, Better Care

Publication Date: 11.28.2001
Author: Rick Surpin

The quality of care for disabled and elderly homebound patients often hinges on the dedication and skill of the home care worker, yet home care remains poorly understood by much of the health care industry. Gleaned from experience with home care in New York City, this paper presents specific strategies to meet workers' needs for more defined career opportunities, improved supervision and support, and better training.

The Challenge of Caring for Patients near the End of Life

Publication Date: 11.28.2001
Author: Connie Zuckerman and Anne McKinnon

This report describes findings from the first phase of the Fund's Hospital Palliative Care Initiative, in which 12 New York City hospitals gathered information about deaths in their hospitals. The current state of end-of-life care is described, as are data-gathering methods. The report identifies areas for improvement in current hospital practice and necessary institutional commitments to change, and concludes with recommendations for developing new models to promote palliative care

A Death in the Family

Publication Date: 11.28.2001
Author: Carol Levine

This 17-chapter book considers the plight of a new, large, and especially vulnerable group of orphans--those whose parents have died of AIDS. Among the issues discussed are custody and placement, bereavement and mental health, confidentiality and disclosure, and new service models.

Health Care for Children

Publication Date: 11.28.2001
Author: Ruth Stein

With 17 chapters by pediatric and health policy experts, this book examines the health status of U.S. children and describes how they currently get health care, increasingly, through managed care arrangements. The book outlines needed improvements in children's health services, and assesses the prospects for reform in today's political climate. It concludes with a broad-ranging agenda for change.

Making Connections

Publication Date: 11.28.2001
Author: Leah Mason

This manual draws on the experience of model health care programs for people with AIDS. It outlines the philosophy of adult day health care, describes various models, and covers a range of practical issues, including start-up, assessing community need, regulatory issues, staff and space requirements, treatment issues with difficult populations, infection control, and ways to support clients and staff.

Mediating Bioethical Disputes

Publication Date: 11.28.2001
Author: Nancy Dubler

This publication provides an overview of the use of alternative dispute resolution strategies, particularly mediation, to resolve bioethical disputes. A step-by-step process is described for mediating such disputes. Case studies, glossary, and bibliography are included.

Note: This edition is out of print. See Bioethics Mediation: A Guide to Shaping Shared Solutions (2004)

Always on Call

Publication Date: 11.29.2001
Author: Carol Levine
This 224-page book presents an intimate look at the world of family caregiving. Compelling narratives by caregivers capture the intensity of the caregiving experience. Chapters by experienced health care professionals analyze the impact of caregiving and question the limits of family responsibility.

End-of-Life Care and Hospital Legal Counsel

Publication Date: 11.29.2001
Author: Connie Zuckerman
Although most Americans die in hospitals, there is considerable uncertainty about the appropriate role of hospital legal counsel in decisions about care at the end of life. The United Hospital Fund has collaborated with the Milbank Memorial Fund to publish this report, which describes the results and implications for action, in New York and elsewhere, of a study of the roles that legal counsel play in these decisions in six New York City hospitals.

Coverage Trends among New Yorkers

Publication Date: 11.30.2001
Author: Danielle Holahan, Kathryn Haslanger, and Kathleen Finneran
Approximately 2.4 million of the estimated 3 million New Yorkers without health insurance are between ages 19 and 64. Moreover, three-quarters of the uninsured are employed or are the children of workers.

Building Hospital Palliative Care Programs

Publication Date: 01.14.2002
Author: Susan Shampaine Hopper

This report describes the collective experiences of five New York City hospitals that received a total of $1.1 million in Fund grants over two years to initiate clinical palliative services to manage pain and symptoms, and to address emotional and other needs of terminally-ill patients and their families.

Child Health Plus

Publication Date: 01.14.2002
Author: Maura Bluestone and Jared Rosenthal

This report is based on research conducted by The Bronx Health Plan with the support of a United Hospital Fund grant. The study sought to determine the impact of legislation that expanded the number of services covered by Child Health Plus and introduced monthly premiums for a portion of enrollees.

An Unfinished Revolution

Publication Date: 01.14.2002
Author: Emily Friedman

This 16-chapter book describes women's special contributions to health care in the United States and takes a hard look at the challenges that remain, providing perspectives on women's roles as consumers of health services, health care professionals, research subjects, informal caregivers, and health care leaders.

Implementing Express Lane Eligibility in New York State

Publication Date: 01.14.2002
Author: Deborah Bachrach, Katherine Lee Yang, Clarke Bruno, and Anthony Tassi

This study evaluates the feasibility of using government benefit programs operating in New York State to identify and enroll low-income uninsured children into the state's Medicaid or Child Health Plus (CHP) programs.

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